Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A general view of God from a Christian perspective Essay

A general view of God from a Christian perspective - Essay ExampleI t is clear that these fragments continue to haunt the religious When the Bible was compiled. In Parables, Jesus warns about the darkness that may corrupt Christianity. First and foremost is the idea that darkness is everywhere. Light must be created in gild to fight the darkness. Similarly, God is all Omni-benevolent but the question of the test must be considered. If salvation was that easy, past all individuals would achieve salvation. The fact is that God himself says that compassionates will be tested with elements of hunger, warfare, plague in order to re-emphasize the idea of the test. This same notion corrupted Christianity. All these notions became a crucial element where finger pointing leads to power. Power corrupted Christianity because it allowed the elites to took control and dictate resources. In times of despair, individuals that were seeking the truth became the felons. As a matter of fact, many true Christians were persecuted because they stood out for the truth. The few and pure that stood against the Church or clergy were at once banished or killed because they were dangerous to the elite. The few those rose up against this notion were persecuted. 3. Violence is a aboriginal problem for our current society. Choose one example of violence, describe it and relate this issue to some face of a religious perspective. Violence is a huge issue in religion and society because it incites human emotion. In todays society school violence has caught the attention of nearly everyone in the fall in States.

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