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Research report on Internet Security Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Report on Internet Security - look into Paper caseThis de nones whenever a person is online, he/she can become a possible target for security threats (BigPlanet, n.d.). cod to this reason, internet security has become more important for internet users including individual persons, organisations and the government. The structure of internet allows for the creation of several security threats (Daya, 2008). Focusing on this aspect, the newspaper publisher encompasses skeleton history of internet security threats. Furthermore, the report also describes about the method of protection from security threats. The objective of the report is to acquire a brief idea about different security threats that exist in internet and how these threats can be dealt with. account of Internet Security Threats The idea of internet has started as a formulate sponsored by Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of US Department of Defence in the year 1969. The key intention of the project was to make a network which can operate even if main segments of communication network crash. Thus, ARPANET was designed in order to redirect the network traffic spontaneously around the problems in linking systems. The protocols of ARPANET were mainly intended for bareness and flexibility of information, rather than for information security. Thus, every person needed to be an unrestricted insider of the network so that information can be shared easily. As more computer systems (which are also cognize as sites in present days phraseology) linked in the ARPANET, the worth of this network has increase (Dekker, 1997). At that time, researchers played practical fun on individually other by using ARPANET which regard joke mails, annoying posts and other minor security breaches. During that period, connection from any remote system was not considered as a security threat, because ARPANET users comprised a small group of people who were generally familiar to each other and also had faith on each other. Since the popularity of ARPANET increased, its users also augmented. In the year 1986, the number one undefendable security threat in ARPANET occurred in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of California where an unidentified system had essay to copy information from the computer system. This incidence raised concerns about the damaging characteristics of ARPANET (Dekker, 1997). In the year 1988, ARPANET had first faced mechanical security incident namely Morris Worm, where a student of Cornell University developed a program which can connect with another system and can copy itself in the system. This self write mechanical attack caused symmetrical eruption of copies at computers that were connected with ARPANET. At that time, ARPANET had almost 88,000 users who reflected it as the bang way of communication. In reaction to the worm, several users had detached themselves from the ARPANET, further hindering the communication procedure. Several organisations piddle emerg ed after these security occurrences in order to deal with the online attacks and instruct the ARPANET users regarding potential security threats and also certain(p) preventive activities (Dekker, 1997). In the year 1989, ARPANET was officially termed as Internet and shifted from a government research project

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Sony Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Sony Corporation - Essay ExampleIt manufactures CCD, LCD and other semiconductors as well. The electronic comp geniusnts that it makes atomic number 18 optical pickups, batteries, audio/video/data recording media, and data recording systems (SONY CORP, 2012). both people, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita started the Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo or Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute in 1946 and the main aim of this company was to interrogation and develop new products in their efforts to always bring something new to the customers plate and prepare value for the customer. The company tried to balance innovation with the consumer benefit and convenience because customer satisfaction was its bill priority. With its success and expansion the title Sony Corporation came into being in 1958 and has been there since then. The word Sony was a coined by combining two Latin words, sound and sonny. Sonus signifies sound or something that is sonic while sonny centre son. Sony is a short word which has the advantage of quick recall and can also be register in any language and is a sign of freedom and open-mindedness. The variety of high quality products that SONY offers makes it one of the market leaders of digital entertainment (Louwel, 2011). It is a company that banks upon the opportunities provided by innovation and new technology. It is a company that is characterized by a forward mentality and a desire to lead and be the counterbalance one to introduce something new to the customer. The competitive products and services offered by Sony give it a lasting borderline oer its competitors. The factors that account for Sonys growth and success are its strategic thinking, talented people and e-commerce (Louwel, 2011). Sony operates globally in 204 countries in three continents North America, Europe and Asia. Because of its quality and innovation, SONY has achieved brand awareness and recognition over the years. Sonys sales in 2008 were $88.7 billion and 180,500 people worked under the umbrella of Sony Corp. In the wake of the 2008-09 frugal crunch Sony experienced falling sales, 16000 jobs were lost and 6 production bases were discontinued. The prices of its raw materials and parts also change magnitude due to which it became truly difficult for SONY to maintain competitive prices (Giusti, 2009). Methodology Sonys innovation is not curb to its products and services only. It has also changed the way that marketing is done globally by international companies. It gives a very participative environment to employees so that they experiment and come up with new ideas, the rich corporate culture provides employees an hazard to stay focused, and the marketing approaches adopted by the top management have helped the overall organization. The product designers are given the leverage to come up with new products that they think are fit to keep up the good name of the Sony Corporation. There is a lot of cohesion and coordination in the organization. Th is democratic management look has enabled the company to introduce premium, unique and futuristic products and this coupled with the corporate culture at Sony, gives it a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors. Sony has not restricted itself to one marketing approach only as it is a progressive organization and has been changing its

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media Essay

Corporate Social debt instrument and Social Media - Essay ExampleSo, businesses have the business to know their constituents (consumers or investors) (Borges, 2009 Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2000). Social media has been the right drift for authentic and transparent conversation between organisations and the stakeholders. It has helped organisations to be aware of the investors expectations. We completely agree with the statement that kind media has enabled organisations to know their customers and investors. Inspiring the customers Presently, in the age of digitalization, social media has allowed organisations to realize taste and preferences of their customers and also influence them through with(predicate) a number of products and services (Aras, Aybars and Kutlu, 2010 Godfrey, Merrill, B. and Hansen, 2009). Social media has helped customers to identify themselves as individuals desire to maintain cordial kindred with the organisation or brand. The conversations exchanged betw een organisations and customers prove highly beneficial for both the parties. This in work on helps in building a strong sense of community (Zarella, 2009). Getting work doneThere are a number of organisations that have leveraged social media for triggering a viral chain of interest concerning corporate social responsibility activities, which are executed by organisations. The organisations generally communicate with their stakeholders and customers in order to gather knowledge closely their interests and impart knowledge about their products and social responsibilities.

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Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 12

Leadership - strive manikinThese situational theories are highly dependent upon factors like the particular situation, task, people, environmental vari up to(p)s and organization. Fiedler had proposed a situational scheme, which proposed that in that location is no unique way of handling particular situation (Davidson and Omar 1352-1706).The different lead approaches adopted by the managers at alter situations have different impact on the employee honourablee and performance (Dong and Liu 1352-1706). When a leader adopts autocratic approach, there is negative impact on the employees performance and outcome. When a leader adopts transformational and goal consideration leaders, there is an extend in the employee performance and morale.Although, there is no singular leadership theory, which would help to increase the organizational outcome, moral and performance of the employees, yet the management of the organization needs to focus on application of several leadership theorie s. A distinction should be made between the task and relationship oriented managers. Task oriented managers lay emphasis on the tasks in hand, than on the enhancement of the leader member relationship (Fish 1352-1760). These considerate of managers focus on the organizational structure, task delegated to the members and the position and power of the employees.It has been observed that the employee performance and morale change magnitude with the motivation received from the managers. The employee morale and performance is also dependent on the way the manager conducts themselves and inspire the employees of the organization. The organizational outcome is also directly related and proportional to the motivation and the guidance of the leaders (Fontaine 125-135). The knowledge plan would be to implement leadership program, which would highlight the basic leadership approaches like transformational, goal setting theories, which Leadership Essay Example Topics and Well Written Essa ys - 500 words - 37Leadership - Essay ExampleThe chosen leaders need to have enough knowledge on the forms of leadership that go away foster student learning and teachers cooperation. This paper seeks to discuss key singularitys reflected in teacher leadership that official impact on teachers.Theory of leadership is a fundamental characteristic of teacher leaders. The concept of leadership is a vital organ when it comes to victimisation of effective leadership. The fundamental distinctions of leadership models are providing direction and usage influence. The different ways employed in carrying out or executing these functions is what makes a leadership theory (Wilmore, 2007).Capturing the fear of school personnel is an important aspect in leadership. The above is a significant characteristic factor that contributes greatly to positive teacher leadership. In most institutions, students and teachers are found to posses low attention to initiatives from the leaders. In effecting leadership, such leaders should be able to capture the attention of these teachers and students in a pastiche of ways. The leaders can engage in using formative and summative student assessments aligned along the new standards (Wilmore, 2007).The leaders should develop capacity building. As much as assessment captures teachers and students attention, must a robust response to the dilemmas and conflicts created in order to generate productive change. Effective response is brought through development of a strong, in-house, systematically aligned, professional development strategies (Wilmore, 2007).The leaders should create and develop a sustained private-enterprise(a) edge in their jurisdictions. When the leaders create competitive but interactive forums among the teachers and the students, they will be able to sensitize on the positive impacts of their leaderships. Positive creation of competition facilitates empowerment of the teachers towards performing their tasks. Empowerment f osters right

Book review Literature Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Book - Literature review exampleHe cogently makes the analogy that forcing developing countries to participate in free trade before the country is develop is akin to forcing his six year old child to get a job it is a dandy short-term policy, in that money will be coming in, but a very brusk long-term strategy, as the childs growth will be stunted and he raise never become a brain surgeon if he is forced to leave school at the age of six. His arguments are well-grounded, well-reasoned and difficult to refute.Chang begins by analyzing the developing countries in relationship to neo-liberal policies, and shows how the official history differs from the true(a) genuineity. According to Chang, the official history of neo-liberal policies is that these policies, which rely on laissez faire domestic policies, low barriers to the international flowing of goods, task and capital and macro sparing stability, both nationally and internationally, guaranteed by principles of sound money and balanced budgets (Chang, 2008, p. 22) were adopted by developing and Third World countries in the 1980s, which led to the fall of communism in 1989, global economic integration, and a new golden age of liberalism (Chang, 2008, p. 23). Not included in this official history of neo-liberalism is either hint of coercion, nor any suggestion that these policies were not good for these developing countries.Chang contrasts this official story with what he calls the genuine history of globalization (Chang, 2008, p. 24). According to Chang, the real history is far different from the official story of globalism. The real history involves considerable coercion on the part of the neo-liberal countries, who are led by Great Britain and the get together States. For instance, Britain, in the 1840s, used its might around the world to force weaker countries to accept low tariffs, while they themselves circle their own tariffs high (Chang, 2008, p. 25). The coercion on these countries continue as the World Bank lends

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Douglas Senatorial Debates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Douglas Senatorial Debates - Essay ExampleLincoln was prophetic in leading the nation to the polished War until attaining the basic privileges for Black. Firstly, the presence of unspoilt people to be goerned is an important requirement of a reinforced government the second condition is the availability of efficient and effective people who can rule over a mass world without any discrimination or bias and further for easy and good governance, the government has to develop right qualities, values and skills in its people (Good government). Everyone must c totally for equal opportunities to bring out ones full potential. Disparity in treatment cannot be tolerated at any point of time. But the condition in America prior to the bloody civic war was really contradicting. Only a half of the population was regarded to be good people to be governed. The rest was not considered as citizens though their forefathers lived there even before the migration of the whites. The people who came t o power were withal in a disposition to treat them as aliens and slaves. The evidences of the prevalence of slavery even in the earlier half of the 17th century is available from the plantation economy of southern Virginia. Most importantly, slavery is considered to be the reason for American civil war. American civil wars mainly emerged from the southern weaken where the evil had been highly endemic. The issues that emerged prior to the civil war were due to the sectional conflict over the slavery issues. The southern part of America was always prospering while the north was in misery. It is the occupants of the north who strongly opposed slavery. As Elliot points out, slavery badly affected the general education in America. While the white people had flavor education the colored and the slave who constituted vast majority of the population was deprived of it. The deprived population was not aware of their rights until some of them got educated. Moreover, the principle upon whi ch the relation between the master and the slave was entirely in conflicting with the principles of a free government (117-118). The mass population under slavery and harassment were a lot need of a new framework that would provide them a better say in all the spheres of the government. As Nosotro points out, subsequent to the emergence of two sections and conflicts in opinions, anti slavery societies were formed in brotherhood America and revolutionaries raised their voice publically against the cruelties and injustices inflicted on the colored and in northern America, many ghostlike groups tried for the abolition of slavery, for they could not agree with the mood of owning a person by another. They published newsletters propagating the idea of prohibiting slavery and giving freedom to the blacks. At this juncture, the downtrodden blacks realized that it was the right time for a combined rebellion. In a country where democratic principles are followed, every citizen has the rig ht to take part in the parliamentary procedures. The peoples rights are not determined on the basis of their caste or creed. Unless everyone is case-hardened equally, there can be no good governance. The economical inequality between the Northern and the grey states acted as another reason towards the sectional conflict. The states in the Northern part of America were industrially stronger. On the other hand, the Southern states were frequently depending on a single cotton crop. They

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Requirements for an Effective and Efficient HR Professionals Essay

Requirements for an Effective and Efficient HR Professionals - Essay ExampleAccording to the announcein-depth companionship on an organisations strategy, performance goals and drivers, and the sector in which they work involving the external stage setting that can affect parentage operation including the market factors such as demography, customers, competitors, and globalisation. Thus, HR practitioners should be old(prenominal) with the language of the business operation in empowering human resources to utilize their potential in business accomplishment. beside is wide comprehension of the 10 professional areas. Then, reviewing the local and international law on access applicable employment and discrimination within their jurisdiction. The political and economic factors are the external and internal forces that induce business performance and creating strategy and plans applicable to combat them.From this study it is clear thatorganisational discipline entails HR capability to throw in or manage changes in the cultural aspect of an organisation. The changes implemented essentialiness(prenominal) develop the organisations performance and adaptability to the planned change process. In achieving goals, HR professionals must employ the right workforce to ready competitive advantage than its competitors.This practice is called resourcing and talent management. They must recruit, select, and adjudge employees with worldwide talents through interviews and tests suitable to their demand. knowledge and development is essential in managing change that needs acquiring of new skills and talent as grapple mechanism.... The CIPD (2009a) requires an HR professional to be knowledgeable in leading, engaging, and aligning people with diverse cultivation to digest the strategic plan at the appropriate time. The third area is organisation design wherein HR must ensure that employees skills and qualifications match the job designation to attain organisations short term and long term goals, and the organise design of the internal and external environment fit in the current and future organisational strategy (Weingarden, 2011, p.5). Organisational development entails HR capability to intervene or manage changes in the cultural aspect of an organisation. The changes implemented must develop the organisations performance and adaptability to the planned change process (Cummings & Worley, 2009). In achieving goals, HR professionals must employ the right workforce to gain competitive advantage than its competitors. This practice is called resourcing and talent management. They must recruit, select, and retain employees with worldwide talents through interviews and tests suitable to their needs (Armstrong, 2009). Learning and development is essential in managing change that needs acquiring of new skills and talent as coping mechanism. HR professionals must know how to assess employees capacity level before conducting training. They should act as c oaches or mentor to enhance employees performance, and design programs for knowledge management and evaluating learning outcomes (Armstrong, 2009). In addition, HR professionals must develop a reward system found on the quality performance of employees in fair and equitable manner to motivate them. To establish cooperation

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What does the Warrior Ethos mean to me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

What does the Warrior Ethos hateful to me - Essay ExampleRather, everyone must fight at work, in society, and in our relationships to sting safe and successful. Without the impetus to engage in fight, a person is listless and demotivated. However, fighting without a code is disastrous and unhealthy. This entertain is unique to me in respect that it very effectively offers a code which can help altogether people defend their individual purposes. This code can be used by us to stay true to ourselves. This book is a great treat not for members of military merely, but for everyone who has had to fight for anything at any point in life. It offers an interesting insight into the life of a warrior with which everyone can tie and meet huge life-changing lessons. The book tells that what separates warriors from vulnerable individuals is their ability to endure adversity.Concluding, The Warrior Ethos was originally written with army officers in the roots mind, but even a common person like myself can effortlessly relate with it. This is because of the great lessons enclosed in it which have implications for everyone from every

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Litigation and Midwifery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Litigation and Midwifery - Essay ExampleKnowledge on which persons ar allowed to file a claim, which places can the claims be filed, the time that the claim has to be filed, and how the claim is to be filed is overly necessary. There exist several types of litigation. These include business litigation, commercial litigation, public interest litigation, personal smirch litigation, mesothelioma litigation, civil litigation, and patent litigation (Laws.com, 2011). Business litigation refers to a particular field of law that handles disputes that wax between businesses and man-to-mans or between two businesses. The law states that all businesses ought to operate under a stipulate code of ethics while at the same time carry out practices that argon juristic. A business may fail to operate legally and in the process result in the prejudice of finances by a client or harming the client. Such a client has the legal effective to file for business litigation. In many instances, such c ases essentially seek financial settlement. A outlaw sentence may be awarded in some cases for the immoral conduct by the business entity (Laws.com, 2011). mercantile litigation refers to an area of law that is concerned with disputes that involve commercial companies or businesses. In most cases, the legal disputes that fall under this category are usually with regard to disagreements between the companies. This type of litigation focuses on legal disputes that may be emanating from drafting of contracts, mergers between companies, and real estate laws. The companies may disagree on management of property and finances. In most of the cases an out of the court solution is sought by the litigators and litigants (Laws.com, 2012). humans litigation refers to an area of law to covers all wrong-doings, incidents, and /or legal situations that affect the communitys strong being. Interestingly this type of litigation is initiated by the court. The court system is responsible for initia ting this legal proceeding. Although many sight it as a relatively new type of litigation, it has featured prominently in environmental law practice. Any action taken by an individual or by a corporation that results in inhibiting a particular societys progress or damages a necessity is penal under this type of litigation. Public Interest Litigation is an attempt to fulfill the guarantee of fundamental rights that citizens involve been guaranteed (Kirpal, et al, 2000). In certain cases that involve injury to persons, legal processes may be initiated in order to commit the dispute. These legal proceedings are referred to as Personal Injury Litigations. In a typical case, an individual filing for this type of a case seeks to be compensated for injuries. This type of litigation arises from the deliberate or negligent action by a given party that precipitates to the physical injury of another party. umpteen clients are advised to seek the advice of the PIAB (Personal Injuries Assess ment Board) as a first step towards seeking compensation. The PIAB provides an perspicacity for victims of personal injury and are seeking compensation. It assesses victims of injury at the workplace, public liability accidents and motor accidents (Malcomson Law, 2008). Mesothelioma litigations are common litigations that focus on companies that expose their employees to asbestos without protecting them against it or without even warning them.

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The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method of Lloyds TSB Bank Essay

The Balanced wit (BSC) mode of Lloyds TSB Bank - Essay ExampleThe Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method of Lloyds TSB BankThe objective of the paper is to describe about the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework in relation to its implementation in the Lloyds TSB Bank, headquartered in the UK. The reason for choosing the organisation is that the company uses balance scorecard method for calculating and managing the performance of employees (Lloyds TSB Group plc, 2012). The paper depart also attempt to evaluate several aspects of BSC in relation to Lloyds with the purpose to recognise how the implementation of BSC would help to measure the performance of the bank. Also the paper will aim at identifying the different drawbacks relating to BSC. Stating precisely, the determined objectives of the paper are to recognise different aspects of BSC and the major lynchpin Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Lloyds. It will also aim to understand how implementation of BSC can prove to be good for Lloy ds along with identifying its probable limitations for the organisation which will further be used to grant recommendations.The explore has been conducted in three phases, i.e. identification of research objectives, collection of data and analysis of the data collected. The method used for conducting the research has been based on a systematic approach. The research attempts to make a conclusion on a gradual procedure. Only secondary data i.e. cultivation from internet sources such as company reports, books and faculty member journals have been used in this paper. In order to calculate and demonstrate the KPIs of Lloyds TSB Bank, MS-Excel application has been used. It is in this context of use that BSCs 4 perspectives, i.e. customer perspective, financial perspective, internal business processes as well as development and growth perspective and their related KPIs (two from each) will be examined through MS-Excel application. The excel graphs will be produced and show in orde r to justify the discussion of KPI. Results or Findings Balance Scorecard and Its Perspectives Generally, organisations use BSC to embrace information regarding monetary measures. In Lloyds, BSC can provide a lucid picture about the performance. It can provide the key factors which drive the performance in the organisation. It is worth mentioning in this regard that there are four general perspectives of BSC which are measured by an organisation while judging the performance (Mooraj & et. al., 1999). The following design will describe the four perspective of BSC Financial Perspective The financial perspective represents long-term objectives of an organisation. The KPIs of financial perspectives are Sales quantity It aims at measuring the amount of sales for example, by taking cypher of the changes in sales revenue over time Market share It aims at measuring the foodstuff competency. For example, by comparing the market exposure of the competitors and that of the organisation Retu rn on investment It aims at worthy allocation of resources. For example, by rendering an in-depth understanding to the most profitable sectors

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Estimating and Measuring Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Essay

Estimating and Measuring Foreign instantly enthronement funds (FDI) - Essay ExampleFrancis, C. 2010. International Business school text and Cases. US PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. Girma, S. 2001. Who benefits from Foreign Direct Investments in the UK. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 48(2). Hanson, G.H. 1997. Foreign take away enthronement and relative wages Evidence from Mexicos maquiladoras. Journal of International sparings 42, pp. 371393. Javorick, B.S. 2004. Does Foreign Direct Investment Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms? In Search of Spillovers Through Backward Linkages. The American Economic Review 94(3), pp. 605- 625. Reinert, K.A., Rajan, R.S., Glass, A.J. and Davis, L.S. 2008. The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy. NY Princeton University Press. Teng, N.T. 2009. Estimating the Domestic Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Malaysia Evidence from cointegration and misunderstanding connection model. Jurnal Pengurusan 28, pp. 2-22. Wu, Y . 2000. Measuring the performance of opposed cover investment a case study of China. Elsevier 66, pp. 143150. grounding The main focus of the following report is to design an intellectual piece which forget be assistive in providing high class of culture in the context of foreign address investment. The foreign direct investment is controversial issue, and has been able to gain the interest of the developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. It becomes essential to highlight that the foreign direct investment helps in boosting the speed of economic development of the countries. For the purpose of getting detailed culture about the concept, its estimation and measurement the scholarly articles, research paper and excerpts from the books have been taken into consideration. The main inclination is to get throw light on estimation and measurement of foreign direct investment. The report is found on 10 journal articles which have been selected in order to get the most ac curate information in the context of the research. In the report, the articles have been thoroughly reviewed in order to collect the most rich and adequate information in the context of research question which relates to estimation and measurement of foreign direct investment. In order to maintain the proper flow of the paper the concept of foreign direct investment is explained in detail which is further continued by explaining the types of foreign direct investment. Along with this the paper will also throw light on the importance and contribution of FDI in strengthening the working and process of the economy of the country. The paper is further directed towards the steps which are undertaken for estimating foreign direct investment in the country. Along with this there is detailed discussion about the measurement techniques and tools which are used in sexual congress with this concept. Further the major points of the discussion have been clubbed in the conclusion section of th e paper. Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investment refers to the investment which is made as a direct investment into intersection or business in a country by a company which is typically rigid in some another country. This is done by buying a company and it shares or by undertaking expansion strategies of an existing business in the country. It is quite different from other indirect investment such as portfolio flows, which require an investment by the overseas institution in equities listed on the extraction exchange of the nation (Francis 2010). The path of direct investment

Attitude Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Attitude - Research Paper ExampleThis is in line with the changing beliefs that ar shaping up the organizational climate of present times, and echoes well with the carriages take form performance tenets which remain quintessential with each passing day. This paper discusses military position and its exploit on a managers work performance. How attitude is remarked here is something that holds a lot of appraise and significance for the manager. The managers repertoire shall be bolstered if he knows that the employees working under his aegis be peremptory within their attitudes and that they are ready to give in their best time and again. It is a authoritative plus if the manager is adamant that his employees will give in their best no matter how unvoiced it is or how trying the circumstances will turn out to be at the reverse (Bryan, 2009). there is a dire need to understand that the managers work performance is boosted if his employees are having absolute attitude and kno w how to give in their best on a proactively consistent basis. The managers work performance is immensely helped when attitude is positive. If however, this attitude is non positive, then there would be a lot of problems for this manager, as he would stimulate to undergo stress and tensions at the workplace realms. He would have to kosherly understand why people are being nagging and then resolve the disputes that are coming up within his realms. There is a dire need to comprehend the fact that attitude shapes up many actions and underpickingss within the employees and managers aegis, and this will be the success pointers for the organizational regimes. A manager needfully to address quite a few issues that come to his understanding levels. Now if he sees that the work is not carried out in a positive way, he will feel the pinch and there would be significant issues which will cone to the reckoning of all and sundry within the organizational folds (Author Unknown, 2011). If the attitude hinders his work domains, it would repute that there is something wrong somewhere, and much needs to be done, and that too in a proper and quick way. This is the need of the hour as organizations require managers who are ready and willing to accept remove within their realms and thus be full of positive attitude and de cockeyedor. This will resolve quite a few aspects that come under the heading of behavioral issues. The attitude aspect is given significance by the top management as well because it knows that the managers have to be up and willing to remain positive with regards to their respective attitudes and it is about time that they needed to set their house in order before taking care of the employees that are under them in entirety. What remains to be seen is the fact that their personal problems do not hinder their attitudes towards work and allows them to freely move ahead with the passage of time, because this is indeed required at the end of the day. The manag ers work performance is usually aligned with the ways and means through which he understands the dictum of work. If this manager believes that his work could be carried out with minimal positive attitude then this would mean that his attitude is not set at the most optimal level that there should be. However, if he believes that he could stay negative within his attitude and still complete work at his end, then this would mean that there are a lot of problems within his work performance regimes, and that he needs to human body out these issues

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Comparative Education Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Comparative discipline - Research Paper ExampleOne of the primary modules that be used for those that are moving into contrary forms of education is learn support. This particular concept combines the design and format with teaching with specific learning outcomes that are a part of the educational system. Defining the effectiveness of this module as well as how it fanny work for students and teachers can then provide a stronger basis for those that are working within education. era there are several distinct go upes to education that are known to work effectively, many of them do not focus on the educational outcomes that are required for students. With learning support, there is a different set of alternatives that can be used for education and the needs that are for students. The advantage of this particular approach is that it includes several dimensions to cognitive processes and learning that can be used for students within the classroom. The hypothesis of this research paper states that children who are exposed to learning support within the classroom provide stronger results with educational outcome than those who transport through a traditional classroom. Specifically, the hypothesis will state thatThe objectives and the hypothesis will show that learning support is one of the most effective methods to use with comparative education and is able to provide stronger results for those that are working outside of traditional educational means. Through this specific hypothesis, it can be assumed that more alternatives will be provided for those that begin to move toward learning support in conjunction with traditional methods of education.The methodology that will be used for this research paper will be based on finding specific results from those that are introduced to learning support, as opposed to those that are used in traditional educational

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Financial Statement Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Financial report Analysis - Essay Example occupy see Appendix A. The akin behaviour may be observed in terms of operating margin and gross margins for the same age severally. These are entirely relevant evidence of poor performance for the poor performance of Vodafone. It was only for the years 2004 and 2003 that the company had compulsive gross margin. In other words, the company has in fact been losing money for the years 2003 through 2006.For purposes of examine the companys operating margin of the both companies against the industry medium, Vodafone is performing poorly compared France Telecom where average for operating margin 17% as taken from MSN (2008) under the telecommunication services. France Telecom had actually the same 17% average for the last four years while Vodafones average for the same period, was -29%. Please see Appendix A.Even in terms of Return of Assets (ROA, Vodafone had -8%, -7%, -7%, and -7% for the years 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 respectively wh ich faired poorly again compared with France Telecom s 6%, 23%, 19% and 32% for the same years respectively. The results of these ratios further corroborate earlier observation in negative net profit margin for Vodafone. The same less sought after or profitability is further observed in terms of Return of Equity where Vodafone showed -6%, -5%, -6%, -6% for the years 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 respectively which are definitely lower than that of France Telecom which showed -6%, 2%, 5%, 3% and4% for the same years respectively. Please see Appendix A. Although France Telecom also reflected negative ROE for 2006, it may be pointed prohibited that years before the company were indeed clearly more profitable.It may be asserted that two ratios have different purposes. ROA measures how efficient management of company was in terms of assets employed in lineage while ROE measures how

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The Future of The United Nations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Future of The fall in Nations - Essay ExampleThe primary responsibility for a state is to provide protection to people within the state itself (International Commission On Intervention And body politic Sovereignty 2001).Sovereignty is more then just an emblem or measure of international dealings between countries. The UN does not remove reign of member countries, however it takes steps to make sure the overall the UN member countries stay sovereign. It does that by assisting countries whenever an event comes up which somehow or the other effects their sovereignty (International Commission On Intervention And State Sovereignty 2001).Just to quote a recent example, Iraq and Afghanistan were proving a threat to the international community at large. Media reports claimed that the two countries possessed weapons of mass destruction and their rulers were tyrants, wanting to exploit harm to their country men by taking innocent lives. The UN taking notice of the security concern, de ployed its peave fashioning force in these two countries with the aim to protect its member state from being affected besides by these weapons of mass destruction (Thakur 2001).Another very important question after the September 2011 terrorist attacks has been how should the United Nation handle intervention calls for human race protection purposes. Interventing on humanitarian grounds has always been a very controversial topic. The Rwanda incident of 1994 is often remembered as a landmark event where UN intervention could abide prevented mass genocide, but the failure of international will to intervene lead to one of the greatest human catastrophes ever.The demand for interventions has been raised by many states however the UN has not been able to service all these demands. Reasons entertain been various by the former UN secretary general once put it down really hale in words. He said If humanitarian intervention is, indeed, an unacceptable assault of sovereignty, how should we respond to Rwanda, to a Srebrenica to tax income and

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The Declaration of Independence of US Research Paper

The Declaration of Independence of US - Research constitution ExampleUnfortunately, the linguistic process are also approximately entirely false as a campaign for actual guarantees of the kinds of freedoms espoused in the docu ment, at least as such guarantees might have applied to anyone in the colonial society who was non, like Jefferson, a white, male, wealthy land makeer with political and economic connections. In fact, crimson as Jefferson penned the words, the formal and informal seats of power in the colonies were occupied by men who have slaves, controlled wealth, and abused the rights of women. How then can Jefferson justify using the words? In this brief essay, the approach of Jefferson and the vox populi class that founded the nation to the ideals of political and economic freedoms and equality that they argued for will be reviewed in order to display how they violated the very terms established as reasons for their revolution. Specifically, the ways in which Jeff erson and other founding fathers acted against the words of the Declaration in bear ons to slaves, women and the non-wealthy working classes will be reviewed. Following a review of their actions toward each of these dowery groups, a reevaluation of the language of the Declaration will be conducted and a summary analysis of the ultimate prise of the founding principles contained in it will be offered. Although it is difficult to argue against the eloquence of the political principles contained in Jeffersons words in the Declaration, it is easy to see hypocrisy in his application of those words to the actual realities of his own family and community. In fact, as Damon Root argues there was a gap between espoused principles and political practices that resulted in an almost perfect paradox as realized in the person and figure of Jefferson. Nowhere was this gap more readily seen than on the issue of slavery. Root claims The celebrated author of the Declaration of Independence, which famously declares that all men are created equal and are born with the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was also a slaveholder, a man whose livelihood was rooted in the subjugation of hundreds of human beings, including members of his wifes family and his own. Having penned words which seemed to testify that he believed in a form of basic equality among all persons, Jefferson lived a life which did not square with those words because he held in his formal possession as a legal and skipper matter the actual freedoms of a large number of persons, both men and women. He owned them and could do with them as he pleased, including among other things utilizing their physical labor for his economic benefit and utilizing their bodies for his sexual enjoyment. That mere fact, without regard to what kind of slave owner Jefferson actually was, whether he was kind or considerate to those who came under his purview, is sufficient to suggest that Jefferson e ither did not take his own words seriously or he believed that they had almost application to the broader society, such as the international community, but not to himself. Any other conclusion would call for one to find Jefferson simply being an outright hypocrite. Of course, this is one possible interpretation for his actions, and there were those, fifty-fifty in his day, who reached for it. Root

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Community Teaching Essay Example for Free

Community breeding EssayHealth promotion is very(prenominal) important in todays society. There are many things concourse can do in order to maintain good health, yet most are unlettered to the highest degree this. corpulency is one of the leading health concerns in America and must be dealt with immediately. It is because of this that a student has decided to teach a fifth grade class with twenty three students about what obesity is, what problems it causes, and how it can be avoided. The teacher uses visual aids, games, trivia, and very much more in order to agitate the students more interested in what they are going to learn. The teacher informs the students about how important it is to compensate sound eating choices by using the nutriment pyramid as a guideline. Students are also informed that exercise is key to living a levelheaded lifestyle.The teacher begins the class by playing a quick game. The teacher then asks the students to each take out a piece of pape r and salvage down as many fruits and veget up to(p)s as they can. The students are told that the person who has thought of the most fruits and vegetables will develop a prize. When finished with the game, the teacher will then introduce the topic of obesity to the children and the importance of preventing it by eating tidy foods. Students are told that obesity is defined as having an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity is more than just about looks. It increases your risk of diseases and health problems much(prenominal) as heart disease, diabetes and high assembly line pressure (J.Crawford,2014).The teacher then tells the students that in the past ten years, obesity in children in the U.S has deceased from 7-18 percent (CDC,2012). The main portion of this lesson revolves around the food pyramid. The food pyramid consists of 6 essential healthy food groups Grains/rice, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat/fish/poultry, fats/oils/sweets. The food pyramid acts as a guideline by v iewing students the necessary servings of each food group in order to stay healthy. It is essential for students to transform the food pyramid because it is a roadmap to healthy living. The students were not only taught about healthy eating, nonoperational also another(prenominal) ways to ensure that they maintain their health. One thing they were taught is the importance of being active daily.Students can do things such as playing sports, running, or bike riding in order to stay healthy and have fun doing it. It was said that rather than avoiding all types of junk food, it is better to simply eat it in moderation. The end of the lesson consistedof trivia questions that the children assist in order to win a prize. By teaching the students this information, the teacher can ensure that they will live a better life.The epidemiological rationale for this topic is very serious. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years (CD C,2014). The percentage of children age 6-11 years in the U.S. who were obese increase from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012. Rate of obese adolescents ages 12-19 years increase from 5% to nearly 21% over the corresponding period (CDC,2014). Obese adolescents are more presumable to have pre-diabetes. Children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for coronary heart disease, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, social and psychological problems such as poor self esteem. Reducing childhood obesity is a public health precedence that has substantial health and economic benefits(Maurer, Frances, C. Smith, 2013.)The teacher claims that the overall teaching experience was quite enjoyable. It is extremely safe to be able to teach young children about topics that they are not rise informed about. By teaching children about such serious health hazards at a young age, it is more likely that they will strive to take the necessary measures in order to avoid these hazards. The t eaching experience allowed the teacher to see how much children knew about health promotion as well as what they wanted to know. The teacher learned how to make different topics easily understandable for children and as well as making the broad(a) learning process fun and enjoyable. This experience helped the teacher realize that even by teaching a small group of children from one school, it is possible to make a difference in the health and welfare of Americas children.The community responded rather positively to the teaching. The students were excited to learn about new health promotion tips by dint of a series of games and activities. The children were shocked to see how serious obesity really is as well as how many children it has affected throughout the country. Before this lesson, the children believed that eating healthy meant cutting out all types of sweets and sweetened drinks completely. The children were elated to hear that they can be healthier while still enjoying s ome of their favorite desserts. Kids answer positively to games and rewards because it makes learning more fun.By getting the kids attention, the teacher ensures that they are listening and paying pie-eyed attention to everything that the teacher has to say. After learning about obesity and the many negative affects that come from it, the children promised to kind their eating habits as well as be more active in order to make sure that they stay fit throughout their lives. The children agreed to eat more fruits and vegetables and to play outside much more. The children have promised to limit the amount of time they watch television and play on the computer and flip it with riding their bikes or going to the park.This teaching process has taught the teacher about not only her strengths, but her weakness as well. The teacher is easily able to relay information in simple wrong so that the children can understand as well do things such as creating games and trivia in order to make t he lesson more exciting. Some weaknesss or improvements that the teacher can make includes being able to connect with the students on a closer level in order to truly help them understand the topic as well as finding new and creative ways to reward the kids when they answer questions correctly. At the end of the lesson, the students were asked to take a short survey regarding how well the teacher taught the lesson as well as how much the kids enjoyed it. Though the teacher received high scores from each child, she knows that there is still room for improvement and is determined to make these changes for the next teaching session that may occur.

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Current government priorities Essay Example for Free

Current political science priorities tasteHow far does the budget hypothecate current regimen priorities?Governments view of the thrift could be summed up in a few short phrases If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidise it Ronald ReaganIn my coursework I shall be discovering what the annual presidency budget is, what it is exhausted on and why, correlating this with current priorities. I shall be investigating to what period does the politicss disbursal reflect on these current governing activity priorities i. e. the amount spent on defence, the preparation welkin and social surety. I shall be mostly using secondary research, by means of using websites and maybe books. I entrust comp are consumption from previous budgets to the current unrivaled and find out where changes, if any, realise been made. through and through figuring out where the gold is spent, I rear discover what the primary(prenominal) prioritie s are but non neglecting the fact that both(prenominal) sectors are larger and undoubtedly require bills being spent, e.g. Health condole with and familiar order safety.Government expenditure is vital for the efficient running of the economy. The train for much of the disposal expenditure arises from the facts that some goods will non be provided at all by a free market place economy (public goods) and that differents will be under-provided (merit goods). It is outlay on these goods that accounts for a large proportionality of government expenditure ( health, knowledge, police and defence, among differents). Some government expenditure is aimed at providing a safety net for the little thoroughly off in society and ensuring that they are able to survive in the event that they lose their jobs or vex insufficient in manage. The department that deals with the allocation of most of this money is the plane section of Social Security. otherwise government expenditure is aimed at various areas that may be considered important in a developed economy providing a transport infrastructure, supporting the work of local government and servicing any debts that may take a shit been accumulated in the past.Fiscal policy refers to government policy that attempts to influence the take inion of the economy through changes in government spend or taxes. Fiscal policy can be contrasted with the other main type of frugal policy, monetary policy which attempts to stabilize the economy by controlling interest range and the supply of money. The government in power needs to ensure that the budget expenditure is divided justly and proportionately to the areas that require it most. This depends on the government priorities. The two main instruments of fiscal policy are government spending and taxation.Changes in the level and composition of taxation and government spending can impact on the following variables in the economy On core demand and the level of eco nomic activity the human body of resource allocation and the distribution of income. Fiscal policy is the use of government expenditure and taxation to postulate the economy. The main changes in fiscal policy happen once a year in the Budget. It is in the Budget that the Chancellor sets the levels of taxation and government expenditure for the next fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from sixth April one year until 5th April the following year. This is why the budget is usually in March. The changes in it come mainly into effect in the following month.Fiscal policy is based on the theories of British economic expert John Maynard Keynes. Also known as Keynesian economics, this theory basically states that governments can influence macroeconomic productiveness levels by increasing or decreasing tax levels and public spending. This influence, in turn, curbs inflation (generally considered to be healthy when at a level between 2-3%), increases employment and maintains a healthy value of money. Unfortunately, the effects of any fiscal policy are non the similar on every(prenominal)one. Depending on the political orientations and goals of the policy castrs, a tax cut could affect only the middle class, which is typically the largest economic collection. In times of economic decline and rising taxation, it is this same group that may have to consecrate more(prenominal)(prenominal) taxes than the wealthier upper class.Similarly, when a government decides to adjust its spending its policy may affect only a specific group of people. A decision to build a impudent bridge, for example, will give work and more income to hundreds of mental synthesis workers. A decision to spend money on building a new space shuttle, on the other hand, benefits only a small, specialized pool of experts, which would non do much to increase aggregate employment levels.Graph to show inflation pass judgment in the UK compared with the United States and Canada.Monetary Policy involv es changes in the base rate of interest to influence the rate of growth of aggregate demand, the money supply and at long last price inflation. Monetarist economists remember that monetary policy is a more powerful weapon than fiscal policy in controlling inflation. Monetary policy also involves changes in the value of the exchange rate since fluctuations in the currency also impact on macroeconomic activity (incomes, output and prices).Basically, it is the process by which the government/ bank controls the supply of money, or trading in foreign exchange markets. Monetary policy is generally referred to as any being an expansionary policy, or a contractionary policy, where an expansionary policy increases the total supply of money in the economy, and a contractionary policy decreases the total money supply. Expansionary policy is traditionally utilize to combat unemployment in a recession by lighting interest rates, while contractionary policy has the goal of raising interest r ates to combat inflation or calming an overheated economy.The government receives its money from many different areas, the graph on the next page shows exactly where from and how muchAs from the chart we can see that the largest proportion of governments income is due to income tax that at 157bn it is 63bn more than the 2nd largest. Tax comes in many forms, as shown by the chart and when totaled up it is 587bn, this breaks polish up to 9,650 for every man, woman and child in the UK per year.What is the money used for and spent on? Well the money that the government has gathered from its many different forms of tax is spent entirely on the public. The pie chart below clearly represents what these different sectors are and how much money is in truth spent on them.As we can see social resistance is predominantly the largest sector that government spending is allocated with a 57bn lead on the second largest, health, at 104bn. From this chart it can be wanton to assume that the areas with the largest spending would be those that are the largest priorities. That can be accepted to a certain finis to where you prospect deeper within that and take into account that some sectors are larger than others and therefore require more money to keep them running, i.e. social fortress.Now I shall look at the different sectors and analyze from each one one, looking at the governments main aims and objectives and comparing whether the money they are spending on each one is reflecting that for example if in public order and safety the government wanted to initiate enormous crackdown on underage drinkers and vandalism then surely the money spent in that area would be change magnitude strikingally. I shall compare what was spent on those sectors in the year 2006 and compare that with the budget released in 2007. fetching into account inflation, which from 2006 to 2007 was 3% I can work out whether spending, has increased by a lot, remained the same or dropped.To begin wi th I shall look at the area of social protection, which is the largest of all spending. Social protection consists of policies and programs designed to reduce poverty and vulnerability by promoting efficient labor markets, diminishing peoples exposure to risks, enhancing their electrical capacity to protect themselves against hazards and interruption or loss of income. In 2006 the government spent 151bn on social protection whereas in 2007 they spent 161bn, which even after taking into account inflation this is still a dramatic increase. This could by due to the fact that unemployment has come up from 2006 2007 and with employment and planning being an area of social protection, more money is being spent to try and bring the figures down again.The next sector that I shall look at is the environment. Protecting the environment is a major concern for todays government well it has been for many eld but even more so now. As Britains industry continues to expand and destroy most of our high-priced countryside and pollute our skies, pressure groups and environmentalists increase the strain on the government to protect and instigate new ordinance to help reduce the effects of the unstoppable industry. In attempts to keep these groups happy the government invests more money every year to meet their demands. Examples of these include the 800m environmental transformation fund and funding for cleaner ship canal to produce energy such as wind farms and nuclear power.There has been an increase of expenditure for living accommodations and environment from 2006 2007 of 4bn, which concludes the fact that it is an ever-increasing issue. This research indicates that current government spending in the environment does directly reflect the fact that is a main priority. In the past 3 years it has shown that the government has increased its spending by around 4bn per annum on the environment. If compared with other sections of spending, the environment ranks lower in comp arison with others, such as social protection.This could signify that the environment is not classed as such a high priority although relating to my precedent point of stating that the some areas are larger and therefore require more money evokes that it is not less of a priority. However, it could also be due to the fact that the government believes that protection of the population and the healthcare too are more of a priority than preserving the environment. So it can be looked at in twain ways. I myself believe that the government thinks the environment is less of a priority and therefore less money should be invested there.Healthcare in Britain is different to that in most other countries in the way that we have adopted a system called the National Health Service. The NHS is paid for through our taxes and so therefore offers healthcare for everyone in the UK and securing the provision of comprehensive, high quality care for all those who need it, regardless of their abilit y to pay or where they live or their age.The aims set out by the Department of Health are to* bread and butter activity at national level to protect, promote and improve the nations health* Securing responsive social care and child protection for those who lack the support they need.The key objectives for pursuing these aims are to* To reduce the incidence of evitable illness, disease and injury in the population.* To treat people with illness, disease or injury quickly, effectively and on the basis of need alone.* To enable people, who are unable to perform essential activities of daily living, including those with chronic illness, hindrance or terminal illness, to live as full and normal lives as possible.* To maximise the social phylogeny of children within stable family settings.These aims and objectives are generic to most years of the NHS but as research and new technologies develop the spending must increase to match demands of the population. In 2002 the Chancellor of th e Exchequer announced that by 2008 there would be the largest ever increase in health spending at 40bn. This is a huge enlargement of the budget spending and obviously shows that health is a main priority if the government is spontaneous to increase its spending by this much. It has been released that every year there shall be an increase of around 4% on health spending.Although the government is injecting a large section of the budget into health care it is not dramatically increasing it every year and sacrificing other sectors money to pour more into healthcare. The government is behind increasing the amount spent in health and all the time, every year introducing new legislations and targets to make the NHS a more efficient and improved service for everyone within the UK.We are determined to maintain our condition approach, determined not to make the old British mistakes of paying ourselves too much today at the cost of higher interest rates and fewer jobs tomorrow Gordon Bro wnThis quote suggests that by not putting too much money into a single sector it reduces the chances of having an economic backlash in the future. I agree with this and believe that by making smaller steps and stepwise increasing expenditure it improves the economy at a much great scale in the long run and prevents discarded repercussions that may damage the economy. By pushing more money into the sectors it could cause the desired effect to ferment counter-productive and hinder more than help. Some people believe that the budget is only increasing in the health sector by such amounts because the ongoing criticisms have driven the government to improve its image and divert the people to keep the current party in power.Fostering high standards of information is the Governments greatest responsibility. In England this responsibility lies with the Departments for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). About 93 per cent of children are educated in state-run primary and secondary s chools the difference of opinion go to independent schools that rely on privately-paid tuition fees. Through these central government organisations, the provision of fostering in the UK includes monitoring and meliorate standards in schools, colleges and universities ensuring that everyone no matter what disability or special need they may have is included and has access to high quality didactics promoting work experience for immature people and vocational training for employees and encouraging lifelong learning.Through the British Council, the Government actively promotes didactics in the UK to countries all over the world. Other major organisations help to guide and make welcome some 275,000 overseas students who currently enjoy the advantages of living and studying in the UK. Before June 2007 schools were the responsibility of the former Department for Education and Skills. Education is gradually congruous increasingly more important within the UK as greater than ever nu mbers of young graduates roam the job market relegating others without degrees into a league of themselves. To employers education is the main thing they look at on CVs, dismissing experience and background for the simple number on the piece of paper. So education is a main priority for the government to try and make Britains children as well qualified as they can be, pushing the economy further up the ladder and improving things for all.So education for the government has became a huge priority and this can be shown by the new announcement to raise the school minimum leaving age to 18 offering college courses and apprenticeships and also A-Levels to every child. Implementing this new legislation would obviously require a huge increase in the budget allocated for education, which would either mean another increased tax, which has happened for the past 11 years while Gordon Brown had been Chancellor, or sacrificing other areas of spending to improve education.Making these decisions requires undoubtedly many months of thinking and consultation before arriving at a suitable judgment. In the 2007 budget report, the government announced that investment in education and skills would rise to 90bn by 2010/2011. In a clearer spectrum, there is a 4bn increase from 2006 to 2007 then a 5bn increase from 2007 to 2008 and therefore proves that the government is gradually increasing the percentage increase spent on education annually.In evaluation it can be said that although there isnt a dramatic increase in the spending on the education sector, there are other factors that affect the efficiency of it too. For example money may not be being spent efficiently in the employment and the social protection areas, which are having a direct effect on the education, this can easily be mistaken as problems within the education spending rather than stepping back and realising that it could be issues somewhere else. Increasing the funding in education and training programs could impo rtantly reduce unemployment levels (a major concern for the government) and increase the productivity per worker. In the UK the productivity per worker is substantially lower than other countries such as the US and Germany by as far as 30% in 2002.I believe that education is a major priority for the current government as competitor from other countries towers above Britain and with the productivity per worker as low as it is, surely suggests that something within the education sector must be improved to raise our working standards. As the investment in education carries on rising at such rates it must be taken for granted it is becoming an even greater priority, especially with other countries almost mocking us with their efficiency.In 2007 we missed 24 of our 57 targets set by the government in education which raised awareness of the problem astray and brought it to the forefront of priorities. I believe in Britain we need better qualifications to lower unemployment and bring our workforce into the productivity ranges we need to compete with other countries or otherwise our place in the worlds economy will gradually being to fall.In comparison with previous years spending the 2007 budget does not seem to have any major, out of place differences with previous years and generally it appears every sector has just risen with the same annual percentage. However it is within these sectors where the money expenditure has changed. Implementing new legislations and programs, eliminating ineffective ideas and changing the kinetics of how each area is run is where the change in money being spent has taken place.This is a pie chart to represent the budget was spent in 2006In 2007In conclusion the amount spent on each sector does reflect the amount to which it is a priority but many other factors must be taken into account when judging that. Some areas such as social protection are such a far larger sector than that of industry, agriculture, employment and training and therefore will ultimately require more money to keep it running smoothly and keep the economic balance. Other areas may be of greater importance and priority such as education, but by spending ridiculous amounts of money on it will be counter-productive and cause many long term problems so despite the fact it is more of a priority, by spending less money on it does not reflect that. By reviewing past years budgets and comparing them with more recent ones it is possible to find where greater amounts of spending has occurred and what sectors are gradually having a greater percentage increase in their spending annually. some other reason why spending doesnt reflect current government priorities is because although spending may not increase that much, time and effort to reorganise and implement new legislation to improve an area could equally suggest that it is a priority but money would not solve it, just improving the efficiency would. sometimes spending money on one area will direct ly affect another positively anyway such as improving education will also improve employment and training.As a general rule the governments role is to keep inflation low, keep unemployment low, balance in world(prenominal) trade and maintain a flourishing and prospering economy. The government has been investing large amounts of money into training schemes and other projects that have ultimately led to the unemployment rate falling to 5.2% in February 2008. The claimant count was 793,500 in February 2008, down 2,800 over the previous month and down 126,500 over the year. This is the lowest figure since June 1975.The claimant count has now move for 17 consecutive months. This shows that the investments into training and education has led to the fall in unemployment which proves my theory that spending in other sectors subsequently helps others. One could just quite plainly say that the government spending does not reflect current government priorities or otherwise if it did then th ere would be a arrant(a) economy because the money spent would be used to its full potential in exactly the righteousness places, doing exactly the right thing lowering unemployment, improving healthcare, lowering inflation etc.I believe that the difference in the previous budget and the current one describes the extent to which the budget reflects current government priorities better than the looking at the budget itself as the current priorities will determine how much spending will increase in each sector and those with the larger increases (after taking into account inflation) show that they are more of a priority than those with little or no increase. Generally, the government invests the money into areas which is sees to be of import for the future, so dependent on the priorities, the budget is spent taking into account these and areas of needed development so if it isnt spent directly reflecting government priorities, it has taken these into account and spent it most wisel y considering areas that need gain but are not always priorities.Bibliographyhttp//tutor2u.net/economics/content/topics/fiscalpolicy/public_spending.htmhttp//www.bized.co.uk/virtual/economy/policy/tools/government/http//tutor2u.net/economics/content/topics/fiscalpolicy/public_spending.htmhttp//www.bized.co.uk/virtual/economy/policy/tools/government/gexpex.htmhttp//budget2007.treasury.gov.uk/page_09.htmhttp//www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/budget/budget_07/bud_bud07_index.cfmhttp//www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/spending_review/spend_index.cfmhttp//budget2006.treasury.gov.uk/page_09.htmlhttp//www.adb.org/SocialProtection/default.asphttp//www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/Documents/UK_Economy/Fiscal_Policy/ukecon_fisc_policy99.cfmhttp//www.oup.com/uk/orc/bin/9780198776222/carlin_chap05.pdfhttp//www.dh.gov.uk/en/index.htmhttp//www.ntd.co.uk/idsbookshop/details.asp?id=844http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ inflationhttp//www.environment-agency.gov.uk/http//www.bized.co.uk/virtual/bank/business/external/policy/expl.htmhtt p//www.pm.gov.uk/output/Page7489.asp