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Coca Cola s Struggle With Corporate Social Responsibility...

Coca-Cola’s struggle with corporate social responsibility Name Institution Corporate social responsibility is a term that is usually associated with a company putting in place structures that aim to give back or benefit the society that enables them to do their operations in their environment. As far back as 1991 CSR has been discussed by academicians extensively one of them Mr. Carroll came up with a multi-layered pyramid approach that sought to explain the four key areas of CSR which are : economic responsibilities, legal responsibilities, ethical responsibilities and philanthropic responsibilities. The economic responsibilities are broadest and form the base of the pyramid since economic considerations are the most important reason for a company’s existence. These are followed by legal obligations since a company must follow the laws of the country or jurisdiction within which it is located. Ethics on the other hand are voluntary in that they are not legally enforceable on a company but any good company is expected to follow them. Finally every company is expected to give back to the society by philanthropic acts that enhance the quality of life of the society within which the company operates. The main historical aim of a company is to create wealth to its stakeholders. This is usually accomplished by doing the following. ïÆ'Ëœ Making a profit ïÆ'Ëœ Paying taxes to the government ïÆ'Ëœ Paying creditors and shareholders on time for the capital invested. ïÆ'Ëœ PayingShow MoreRelatedCoca Cola Struggles with Ethics1207 Words   |  5 Pages Case Study 4 - The Coca-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises Case #11 January 5, 2014 1) The corporate role in any company builds the foundation of how a company succeeds and, also, how the public views them. Their organizational performance is based on how the company is run and what ethical structure they have in place. Their social responsibility runs parallel with their organizational performance. If a company is not successful within themselves they cannot be successful withinRead MoreCoca Cola And Its Social Responsibility1093 Words   |  5 PagesFrom the late 1800s until today, the Coca-Cola’s brand has evolved into a top contender in the beverage industry, which ignited the â€Å"cola wars† with the company’s top competition PepsiCo. with Coca-Cola controlling 45 percent of the global soft drink market; Coca-Cola’s most famous brands include: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Powerade, Dasani water and Fanta with Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta being four of the top five leading soft drinks. At the peak of Coca-Cola’s reign, a n estimated $1 billionRead MoreCoca Col Transparency, The Formation Of Sustainability Indices1350 Words   |  6 PagesCoca-Cola CSR Accountability Due to the vastly growing demand for organizational transparency, the formation of sustainability indices has assisted prospective investors by serving as educational tools and allowing them to confidently engage with companies who create a positive social and environmental impact. These indices, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), evaluate and measure some of the world’s most profitable companies’ based on criteria such as economic, social, and environmentalRead MoreCoca-Cola Comany Ethical Crisis2814 Words   |  12 PagesThe Coca-Cola Company is one of the most well known companies in the U.S. and quite possible the world since its origination in the late 1800’s. Coca-Cola’s rapid expansion and innovation have provided ample evidence that the company is here to stay. However, after the death of the companies CEO, Robert Goizueta, the company has faced multiple ethical dilemmas. These problems have had a direct negative impact on Coca-C ola’s financial expansion, corporate culture, business relations, as well as theirRead MoreCoca Cola and Pepsi Cola Case Study1961 Words   |  8 Pagesand exercise power† (Sanyal 2008), power struggle among the frequently changed political parties through legislations was very common. The resulted in the federal republic’s â€Å"inconsistency in implementation of government rules’ (Catero 2009) due to its complicated legal system. With the strong pressure from the independent non-government groups, both companies faced high political and economic risks (â€Å"domestication†, Kerala temporaral ban, India’s foreign colas boycott and pesticide allengations). Read MoreCoca Col Strategic Expansion Of Businesses2291 Words   |  10 Pages UNGC Coca-Cola Stephany Kim N/A N/A UNGC: Strategic Expansion of Businesses Country’s Relationship/History to the Topic: In 1886, Dr. John S. Pemberton and his partner Frank M. Robinson created a distinctive tasting soft drink that shortly became known as â€Å"Coca-Cola.† The new beverage quickly spread throughout Atlanta, Georgia, under the leadership of businessman Asa G. Chandler (â€Å"Coca-Cola History†). At the turn of the century, Coca-Cola started expanding throughout the countryRead MoreCoca Cola Organization2996 Words   |  12 PagesThe Coca Cola Company, founded in 1886 in Atlanta, the United States, is the world’s largest nonalcoholic beverage company. Coca Cola currently owns and markets more than 500 beverage brands (Anonymous, 2010), including waters, sports and energy drinks, juices, tea and coffee, which are distributed in over 200 countries throughout the world. Along with Coca Cola, the company also owns Sprite, Fanta and Diet Coke, which are four of the world’s top five nonalcoholic beverage brands (Anonymous, 2010)Read MoreCase Studies of Business Eth ics Corporate Governance3354 Words   |  14 PagesAn Assignment of Business Ethics amp; Corporate Governance CASE STUDIES Module I BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY December 3, 2009, marked the 25th anniversary of the worlds worst ever industrial disaster - the gas leak that occurred at Union Carbide India Ltds (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh, India). The tragedy that instantly killed more than 3,000 people and left thousands injured and affected for life, occurred when water entered Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) storage tank No. 610Read MoreCoca Cola Organizational Theory Essay19602 Words   |  79 Pagessubsequent paper contains a comprehensive analysis of The Coca-Cola Company and addresses several organizational theory issues. Three recommendations are proposed based on the problems that were discovered during the analysis. The goals of the recommendations are to address uncertainty with suppliers and distributors, and also align company decision-making with the structure of the organization. Recommendations Recommendation 1 The Coca-Cola Company has a high level of uncertainty when it comesRead MoreCoca Cola Structure7094 Words   |  29 PagesIntroduction 3 Coca cola’s Global coverage. 3 History 4 Revenues 4 Products and Brands 6 Mission, Vision and Values 8 Organizations and Organizational Effectiveness 10 Stakeholders, Managers, and Ethics 12 Organizational Design 14 Designing Organizational Structure: Authority Control 15 Designing Organizational Structure: Specialization Coordination 17 Managing in a Changing Global Environment 18 Organizational Design Strategy 20 Creating Managing Organizational

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How Bereavement has Affected Jerzy Essay - 994 Words

How Bereavement has Affected Jerzy The death of a spouse has to be one of the most stressful changes you will ever experience. Your spouse was probably the most important person in your life, possibly for many years. You may not remember much of your single life before you were married; now you must live with the loss. Jerzy has been through a lot with his wife, Word War Two, refugee status in three different countries before settling down in England. When somebody dies after a long illness, the time which leads up to death is often difficult for those who care for them. When you lose somebody as a result of a long, wasting illness such as cancer, it is often very hard to keep the reality†¦show more content†¦The reaction of a child dying by accident is: shock, anger and disbelief. Denial of what happened is a natural defence and initially helps the traumatized system to cope. However, if the denial persists, the bereaved person will supper from extreme anxiety and risks long term mental health problems. On the Death of a child by Celia Hindmarch, 2nd Edition, (2000) Oxon, Radcliffe Medical Press Ltd. Even though it is a universal experience, most people do not like change. They have a limited capacity to accept it. People actually fear change because it is a threat to their basic security needs. Virtually all religions bring a deeper awareness of the meaning of life and most of them offer a way of looking at death. Some religions stress that there is a continuing relationship of those who die with those who live. Recovery from Loss, A Personalized Guide to the Grieving Process by Lewis Tagliaferre and Gary L. Harbaugh, PH.D. (1990) Floriday, Health Communication, Inc. Grieving for somebody who has died a sudden, unexpected death, Helen Husband, can be especially difficult. Things are left unsaid. There are no goodbyes. The unexpected death of a person can make us feel not

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Character Analysis AP by John Updike free essay sample

Kristopher Brown English II, Maciel Essay 2†Short Story, Character Analysis 26 February 2010 How to Know When to Stand Up for What You Believe In the short story AP by John Updike, Sammy, the main character, finds himself in the middle of a situation he believes is being taken care of improperly. He is a young man who is Just beginning to learn how to deal with difficult situations on his own. He seems to enjoy working at the place where his parents got him the Job and finds himself very intrigued by analyzing the people who walk into his work. Sammy has a ot to learn about life, and this experience is Just one of the many stepping stones he has to take in figuring out how to deal with tough situations. Sammy is a nineteen year old boy who is Just trying to fgure out his place in this world. We will write a custom essay sample on Character Analysis AP by John Updike or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He is a clerk at a supermarket where his parents were able to get him the Job. He finds himself standing behind the cash register entertained by analyzing the people who walk in trying to fgure out what is going on in their minds. He stands up for what he believes, but Just hasnt quite fgured out how or when to confront a erson when he finds himself disagreeing with them. More specifically Sammy finds himself analyzing these three girls who walk into the supermarket one day in their bathing suits. Now keep in mind this story took place in 1961 so it was not very appropriate to be walking around a supermarket in nothing but a bathing suit. Sammy was intrigued by watching and analyzing the behaviors of these girls; as was another clerk, Stokesie. As Sammy said, you never know for sure how girls minds work (260). As the story goes on Sammy tries to analyze what is really going on in each of these girls minds. Such as he had decided that this one in the dirty-pink-beige bathing suit was the queen. As Sammy says, She was the queen. She didnt look around, not this queen, she Just walked straight on slowly, on these long white prima-donna legs (260). Sammy goes on later in the story to say now she was showing them how to do it, walk slow and hold yourself high (260). He has come to the conclusion that the other two girls mostly Just do as the Queenie does. Sammy finds the girls also physically attractive, mostly the Queenie, but he was generally Just intrigued by watching and analyzing their ehaviors. As the girls walk up to Sammys check-out line the manager notices that these girls are wearing nothing but their bathing suits. Although Sammy is very flattered and excited that the girls choose his line over Stokesie, he knows his luck is about to take a turn for the worse now that the manager, Lengel, has noticed what little clothes the girls are wearing. Lengel, being the manager and trying to be professional, walks up to the girls and confronts them about what they are wearing. He says to them, girls this isnt the beach (262). As Queenie tries to explain why they are dressed in only bathing suites, Lengel says again thats all right, but this isnt the beach (262). Further into their conversation he says We want you decently dressed when you policy (262). Even though Lengel took care of the situation professionally Sammy did not agree with the way it was handled so Sammy, hoping to say it quick enough for the girls to still hear him, tells his manager l quite (263). miou didnt have to embarrass them (263), says Sammy. Lengel tells Sammy you dont want to do this to our Mom and Dad, In return Sammy says, its true, I dont (263) Sammy chose to stand up for what he believes, but quitting his Job is a little extreme. Sammy chose to be a nonconformist in this situation. He made a decision to quit his Job, one he only made to get the attention and gratification of being noticed as the girls unsuspected hero, but that backfired when he realized that the girls were already out the door and didnt hear any of what he was saying. It was too late to take it all back though because as he said it seems to me that once you begin gesture its fatal not to go through with it (263). So he followed through, turned over his apron, and walked out. He has made a decision that this time he cannot undo, but if he so chooses may be able to learn from and go about things a little differently the next time he is confronted with a situation he does not agree with. He also needs to step back and decide if what he is doing is rational or if its Just for the attention of others. Sammy states in the end of the story my stomach kind of fell as I felt how hard the world was going to be to be hereafter (264). He is realizing that he is growing up and wont have his Mom and Dad there to stand up for him all the time. He is going to be put in situations like this for the rest of his life and its going to be difficult, but he is going to have to figure out a way to confront someone without overreacting. He has many more stepping stones to take in life and he will continue to learn from each one. Works Cited Updike, John. AP. Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing. 7th ed. Ed. Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell. Boston: Wadsworth, 2009. 259-64.

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V-chip Essay What is a V-chip? This term has become a buzz word for any discussion evolving telecommunications regulation and television ratings, but not too many reports define the new technology in its fullest form. A basic definition of the V-chip; is a microprocessor that can decipher information sent in the vertical blanking of the NTSC signal, purposefully for the control of violent or controversial subject matter. Yet, the span of the new chip is much greater than any working definition can encompass. A discussion of the V-chip must include a consideration of the technical and ethical issues, in addition to examining the constitutionally of any law that might concern standards set by the US government. Yet in the space provided for this essay, the focus will be the technical aspects and costs of the new chip. It is impossible to generally assume that the V-chip will solve the violence problem of broadcast television or that adding this little device to every set will be a first amendment i nfringement. We can, however, find clues through examining the cold facts of broadcast television and the impact of a mandatory regulation on that free broadcast. Utilizing the EIAs Recommended Practice for Line 21 Data Service(EIA-608) specification, these chips decode EDS (Extended Data Services)program ratings, compare these ratings to viewer standards, and can be programmed to take a variety of actions, including complete blanking of programs. Is one definition of the V-chip from Al Marquis of Zilog Technology. The FCC or Capitol Hill has not set any standards for V-chip technology; this has allowed many different companies to construct chips that are similar yet not exact or possibly not compatible. Each chip has advantages and disadvantages for the ratings system, soon to be developed. For example, some units use onscreen programming such as VCRs and the Zilog product do, while others are considering set top options. Also, different companies are using different methods of par ental control over the chip. Another problem that these new devices may incur when included in every television is a space. The NTSC signal includes extra information space known as the subcarrier and Vertical blanking interval. As explained in the quotation from Mr. Marquis, the V-chips will use a certain section of this space to send simple rating numbers and points that will be compared to the personality settings in the chip. Many new technologies are being developed for smart-TV or data broadcast on this part of the NTSC signal. Basically the V-chip will severely limit the bandwidth for high performance transmission of data on the NTSC signal. We will write a custom essay on V-chip specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now There is also to be cost to this new technology, which will be passed to consumers. Estimates are that each chip will cost six dollars wholesale and must be designed into the televisions logic. The V-chip could easily push the price of televisions up by twenty five or more dollars during the first years of production. The much simpler solution of set top boxes allows control for those who need it and allow those consumers who dont to save money and use new data technology. Another cost will most definitely be levied to television advertisers for the upgrade of the transmitting equipment. Weather the V-chip encoding signal is added upstream of the transmitter or directly into uplink units and other equipment intended for broadcast; this cost will have to compensated for in advertising sales and prices. The V-chip regulation may also require another staff employee at most stations to effectively rate locally aired programs and events. All three of these questions have been addressed in minute detail. Most debate has focused upon the new rating system and its implementation. Though equally important, this doesnt deal with the ground floor concerns for the television producing and broadcasting industries. Now as members of the industry we must hold our breath until either the fed knocks the wind from free broadcast with mandatory ratings devices, or allows the natural regulation to continue.

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Sport Management and Sociology of Sport Essay Essays

Sport Management and Sociology of Sport Essay Essays Sport Management and Sociology of Sport Essay Essay Sport Management and Sociology of Sport Essay Essay Abstraction Across all degrees of athleticss. possibly the connexion between athletics and society is the most valuable and co-dependent component for athletics directors to understand. Without the impact our society has on athletics. jocks. proprietors. telecasting webs and patrons would non pass or bring forth 100s of 1000000s of dollars in gross. If athletics directors fail to hold on and understand the significance of this connexion. they are merely non making their occupation. Sociology of athletics can assist the development of today’s athletics direction patterns and policies and supply a base for athletics directors to be successful. This paper will supply a model of the significance of the relationship between athletics direction and sociology of athletics. The Relationship between Sport Management and the Sociology of Sport An illustration of the relationship between athletics and society and the deductions it has on athletics direction is the branchings of the late concluded NHL lockout. The lockout. which lasted 113 yearss. marked the 3rd clip since 1994 that the NHL cancelled regular-season games due to labour agitation. Approximately 10 % of games in that clip frame have been cancelled. While the lockout has eventually ended and the NHL will open the 2013 season on January 19. important harm has been done to the relationship the NHL has with its fans. and it’s up to athletics directors to do it right. and in a haste. The recent history of the lockout proves that they benefit cipher in the long tally. and about kills the athletics in the short term. The metropolis of Detroit lost approximately 1. 9 million dollars for each off game this season. or approximately 35 million dollars overall. Local athleticss bars lost 1000000s of dollars without any fans to function over the last couple months. The relationship between athletics and society comes into drama in how the athletics directors plan to reconstruct the trust they lost from what has traditionally been a really trustful fan base. While the traditionalist NHL fans will return. the NHL has doubtless lost many fans that have found other things to maintain them preoccupied. So how do NHL selling experts rebuild their relationship with their fan base? The Tampa Bay Lightning. a non-traditional hockey metropolis. is offering particular season-ticket ranks for merely $ 200 ( less than $ 20 per game ) for a limited clip. Fans besides receive a particular $ 25 gift card when they sign up for the particular season-ticket bundle. The Phoenix Coyotes and Detroit Red Wingss have both said publically that one time the NHL agenda is released. they will place certain games with particular value in grasp of the trueness and support of their fans. Virtually every squad is likely to follow suit with something similar. When Major League Baseball returned from the player’s work stoppage in 1995. attending dipped significantly. and many felt the conference and its squads did non make plenty to apologise to their fans. Clearly. the NHL is acknowledging the importance of its fan base. Many squads through their general director. caput manager or web site. have already publically apologized for the lockout because they realize that without their fans. the NHL is in serious problem. The NHL does non hold the billion-dollar Television contract the NFL has. Therefore. when there are games to be played. the NHL has ever put it fans foremost because they are irrelevant without them. As a future athletics director. the relationship between athletics and society is something that ever must be considered when any concern determination is made. To be genuinely successful as a director. the bulk of determinations must be made with one’s fan base in head. Correctly valuing the society that is passionate about your organisation can enable you to maximise your net income and public image. If an NHL franchise failed to publish any sort of apology. ticket. grant or parking particular. or have any particular public events for its fan base after the lockout. it would neglect to right understand the importance of the relationship between athletics and society. and as a consequence. they would non retrieve from the lockout financially and with its fan base. The best manner to successfully pull off the relationship between athletics and society is to continually be active in the community. Sport directors can derive new fans ( and new income ) every twenty-four hours. therefore it is of import to ever see the impact any determination will hold on its fan base. It is of import to non merely have selling and media dealingss staff. but besides a community engagement squad. This squad is responsible for passing 1000s of hours per twelvemonth interacting with its fan base. through charity events. clinics. fundraisers and visits to local schools. It is of import to place the features and outlooks of the society. For illustration. the Oakland Athletics fan base. a little. blue-collar group averaging merely 15. 000 fans per place game. will be thrilled to merely hold a winning season. whereas the fans of the Boston Red Sox. who have sold out Fenway Park for 10 consecutive old ages. will non accept anything but a World Series. At the same clip. it is of import to understand the economic and societal inclinations of your fan base. While the Detroit Red Wings have a really passionate fan base with a celebrated history. they besides reside in a fighting economic system. which has accordingly affected the attending inside Joe Louis Arena. The Red Wings’ front office demands to supply low-cost ticket chances. understanding that their dedicated fan base has fiscal restrictions. Sport organisations are really different from traditional concern organisations for a figure of grounds. For one. teams compete both against and with each other. as the success of the conference does impact the fiscal success of its squads. Second. athletics organisations are frequently more publically exposed than concerns. and as a consequence are scrutinized daily by 1000000s of rabid fans and the local and national media. Third. the bulk of athletics organisations do non run with net income as the main end. A 1966 study on the English Football Association ( FA ) showed the aim of an proprietor was â€Å"to provide amusement in the signifier of football math. The aim is non to maximise net incomes. but to accomplish playing success whilst staying dissolver. † ( Rosner and Shropshire. 2011 ) . Rarely do athletics directors maximize their net incomes. and if they do. so most likely they will fight to be successful on the playing field. Following the 2011-12 NHL season. the San Jose Sharks. despite disbursement to the bounds of the salary cap and selling out every place game. were eliminated after merely one unit of ammunition. While many NHL squads are content with this. the Sharks’ fan base and ownership group are non. after holding qualified for the playoffs every twelvemonth since the 2004 lockout. yet neglecting to do the Stanley Cup Finals. Kevin Compton. caput of the ownership group. told Sharks’ fans that they lost $ 15 million last season. but that is absolutely acceptable because they are committed to winning. Compton said. â€Å"We’re All right with that because that’s a determination we’ve made to remain competitory. † ( Prohockeytalk. nbcsports. com. 2012 ) . In no other concern than athletics would losing $ 15 million yearly be acceptable. Yet. in athleticss. this is what precisely what a society passionate about its squad wants to hear. San Jose fans will go on to sellout HP Pavilion even after the lockout because its direction group has made a committedness to make whatever it takes to win the Stanley Cup. even if that means a multi-million dollar loss annually. The relationship between athletics and society is undeniable. Failing to place the bond between athletics direction and the sociology of athletics is unacceptable if a athletics director wants to win on the field. with its fan base and financially. Ironically. the fiscal component is frequently the one facet that is overlooked by directors. Sport direction is non ever about maximising net income. Sometimes. maximising gross can estrange a fan base. and in bend. this disaffection will finally ache the pockets of the athletics director. The relationship between athletics and society is the most of import variable for a athletics director to right and rapidly understand to be successful. Mentions Rosner. S. . Shropshire. K. ( 2011 ) . The Business of Sports ( 2nd ed. ) . Subury. Ma: Jones A ; Bartlett Learning. Sunnucks. M. ( 2013. Jan 10 ) . Phoenix Coyotes’ NHL lockout payback: Possible intrasquad game particular value. Sporting News Online. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //aol. sportingnews. com/nhl/story/2013-01-10/nhl-lockout-news-schedule-phoenix-coyotes-sale-greg-jamison Tampa Bay Lightning ( 2013. Jan. 9 ) Lightning to offer 200 season tickets for merely $ 200 each. Tampa Bay Lightning Official Website. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //lightning. nhl. com/club/news. htm? id=649577 Tuttle. B. ( 2013. Jan. 8 ) . NHL Lockout is Over! Guess Who’s Happier than Fans or Players? Time Magazine Online. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //business. clip. com/2013/01/08/nhl-lockout-is-over-guess-whos-happier-than-fans-or-players/ Yerdon. J. ( 2012. Aug 20 ) . Sharks ownership claims they lost $ 15 million despite selling out every game. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //prohockeytalk. nbcsports. com/2012/08/20/sharks-ownership-claims-they-lost-15-million-despite-selling-out-every-game/

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Insuring presence in the classroom and the school as an educational Assignment

Insuring presence in the classroom and the school as an educational leader - Assignment Example The second strategy used by the educational leader is planning. He plans the lecture before appearing in the class on stage in advance. This helps him divide different parts of the lecture according to breaks within the class and the total time he has for the lecture. As a result of this, no time is wasted and the lecture is delivered without having any time wasted or having the students feel lethargic. The educational leader keeps a schedule with him. Knowledge of the lectures and their time and location helps the educational leader not only prepare the lectures in time but also settle other businesses according to the lectures’ schedule. Last but not the least, the rules established by the principal make the educational leader conscious about being punctual. Such rules include but are not limited to marking of the attendance, and imposition of fine for being

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PR Strategy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PR Strategy - Case Study Example Continued advertising after a purchase gives the customer public acknowledgment of his wise choice, and tends to eliminate or reduce cognitive dissonance. The customer is reassured and resold. Repeat business is the avenue to continued success, and post sale financial services often the course to repeat business. The objective of PR is to guide consumption decisions in an objective manner, aggregate mass demand so that financial services can be stabilized and supported. It can foster interfirm coordination and linkages of investors and clients. The objective of PR is to perform the necessary functions of informing and persuading, which are both complementary and conflicting. The former includes media, appeal, advertiser, copy, theme, and layout. The latter, containing the individual differences of people and their psychological, social, and economic situations, intervenes between the sender and the receiver of marketing information. The organizations publics are diverse involving potential target clients and economists, financial institutions and banks. Thus, the PR campaign will concentrate on the professionals willing to buy primary and secondary residence. For this target audience, social learning also includes a well-structured set of interpersonal communication strategies that operate almost in tandem with mass media to give target audience members support for trying the recommended behavior and further reinforcement for maintaining the behavior. The second market segment will involve retirees purchasing a primary or secondary residence. This more focused emphasis on behavior change requires utilizing the mass media up to and including the modellng of recommended new behavior, whereas mass media were utilized in the persuasion/learning effects model to generate awareness and interest. The third group will involve families and individuals purchasing recreational properties. Also, the PR audience will involve financial professionals and brokers, investors and other financial institutions interested in this type of services. The aim is to attract international attention to the brand and inform the public about services and opportunities proposed by McBride. PR communications have meaning to the extent that an individual's predisposition or experience permits him to see, hear, or read them. The main geographical are of the activity are Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota states. The main attention will be paid to communications process concerned with the dissemination of stimuli and their perception, impact, use, and effectiveness (Hollensen, 2007). Media Release McBride Financial Advisors, LLC is one of the leading financial services providers proposing unique solutions and services to diver target audience. Out strength is low cost mortgage services based on the state-of-the-art technology. We treat every client as a friend and a part of out company helping to fulfill their dreams and life expectations. Recent years, international investment in financial assets is especially sensitive to changes in investors' expectations, including expected exchange rate devaluations that can spark massive outflows of funds. Indeed, during financial crises,

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Miracle on St Davids Day by Gillian Clarke Essay Example for Free

Miracle on St Davids Day by Gillian Clarke Essay Miracle on St Davids Day is an enchanting, and ultimately optimistic poem relating to the theme of identity by Gillian Clarke. The poem tells the story of a man in a mental institution, who exceeds the expectation of both the nurses and his fellow patients when he regains the ability to talk. In the first stanza of the poem, Gillian Clarke describes the country house in what seems to be an idyllic setting, The sun treads the path among cedars and enormous oaks, it might be a country house, guests strolling. However despite the seemingly pleasant tone, implied by the use of her making it seem informal, through the relaxed wondering of what the House may have been, might be a country house, guests strolling, suggesting normality her use of the word might alerts the reader that this idyllic setting may be an illusion and not what it first seems. The illusion of normality is swiftly extracted by the opening line of the second stanza, I am reading poetry to the insane. This line ends with a certain finality, that is so abrupt that it disturbs the so far, flowing effect to the poem, also implying informality and normality, to the effects that it shocks the reader, not only in the disrupted rhythm of the poem but also in the disturbingly blunt reality of what she is saying. Furthermore this is shocking because it is not commonplace for people to be reading poetry to the insane. Gillian Clarke does this numerous times during the poem in order to stop the reader, so that the poem does not ramble, and make it more interesting, A beautiful chestnut-haired boy listens entirely absorbed. A schizophrenic. This use of contrast between the descriptive lines of the opening stanza and the flat, and remarkably blunt, tones of this line introduce the reader to the contrast between the setting and the guests. As we can observe from the line following, I am reading poetry to the insane, which instantly restores the mood of the poem to informal with the humor, of the old woman who is constantly offering the narrator coal, when it is March and she would have no means of getting coal. By the use of having the woman saying humorous things, Gillian Clarke is also contrasting her with the other patients at the home, as she is the only one who is talking. The poem also uses poetic devises such as personification, An afternoon yellow and open mouthed. It uses metaphors, In a cage of first march sun, and similes such as, Outside the daffodils are still as wax, to make the poem more interesting to read, and also without these techniques the imagery of the poem, that the people in the home are daffodils would not be portrayed and the final message of the poem would not be presented to the reader. Thus the poem would be pointless. Gillian Clarke also uses enjambment in the poem, which disturbs the flow of the poem, and I think is also relating to the disturbed personalities of the patients in the home. Enjambment is effectively used in the third to fourth stanzas, as this is a rambling scene of the immense man struggling to get to his chair, and so Clarke reflects this in the appropriate use of enjambment between the stanzas. The first March sun is described as a cage in the third verse as it is saying that for these people who have no fre edom, even their enjoyment of the sun is trapping them, and they have no choice but to be out absorbed in it. These poetic devices are also used to build up the character of the man in the poem. In the third stanza where the man is introduced, he is described as a big, mild man, and a laborer, who is being tenderly led. This use of contrasting language informs the reader that even though the man is large in size he has to be tenderly led like a child, continuing to imply to the reader that there is something wrong with him. This is confirmed in the forth verse where he is described as rocking, a common action by insane people as it comforts them. His description is also emphasized by the repetition of the words big, mild and dumb. These words make him seem even more immense, which is odd when they are combined with mild. When the huge laboring man speaks he is in beautiful surroundings reciting a poem about daffodils, which is not only being ironic but is breaking the stereotype of laborers being very masculine and rather insensitive, whereas here he is being portrayed as almost feminine and extremely sensitive. What strikes me most prominently when reading the poem is the amount of imagery used to bring emphasis to the overall meaning of Clarkes poem and to make it more interesting. She has chosen the Daffodils, by W. Wordsworth, as the music that the mute man chooses to speak after forty years of silence. I believe that she has also chosen to describe the man who cannot speak as mute as it is also a musical term, and so therefore is not just emphasizing that there is no speech in his life, but also that there is no music, relating with happiness and merriment, and therefore is saying that without speech there is no joy in the laborers life. However when the rhythm of the poetry he is read awakens him, it appears to turn apparent life into reality. The poem is a possible way to show his waking from a world of misery to a reality of natures beauty and rhythm, Since the dumbness of misery fell he has remembered there was a music of speech and that once he had something to say. This is also playing on the word dumbness, as dumbness aside from meaning stupidity also is relating to the man who cannot speak as a person who is mute can also be described as, dumb. Informing us that the poem is saying that music is good, as when he cannot speak, and there is no music, it is described as, misery and when this, falls, and he has remembered that there is something to say a thrush sings, representing happiness, and the once, wax still daffodils are flame, representing excitement, life and activity. Therefore Gillian Clarke is saying that the man was not properly alive until the music in his life was restored. He is reciting poetry because what he has heard from the nurses in the institution has restored his memory and he has remembered a poem that he had learnt as a child at school. We know this because Clarke informs us in verse thirty-one, Forty years ago, in a Valleys school, the class recited poetry by rote. I believe that Gillian Clarkes poem is also relating to music through this imagery. Since the dumbness of misery fell he has remembered there was a music of speech and that once he had something to say. When he speaks there is an immediate exchange of characteristics, the once lifeless patients are alert and the nurses are frozen as the patients once were. I also notice that in Clarkes poem the daffodils seem to represent the people at the home. At the start of the poem the daffodils are open mouthed showing the way that the patients dont react to the poetry, as this is the face that people use when they are bored and not listening. Their open mouths show how unreceptive the patients are, once again removing any sense of normality as Gillian Clarke alienates them from ordinary sane people. When the miracle of the man speaking occurs the flowers are silent and still, showing that far from the boredom and lack of interest displayed before, everyone is amazed. We can deduct that the daffodils are not merely flowers, by the use of lines such as, their syllables unspoken, as obviously, flowers can speak no syllables. I think that the use of the candle related words throughout the poem are deliberate, when the flowers are as still as, wax, the man is not speaking and when he does they are a flame, which is representing that the mans hope, which has always been there, the wax, but when he speaks it is a flame. It is alive. I think that the, first bird of the year in the breaking darkness is symbolic as the first bird of the year, is representing the first speech in the mans life for many years, and the darkness which is now breaking is the bad times of when he could not speak. His first words in many years are described as a bird, as this also relates to the theme of music. Gillian Clarke effectively alienates the patients in the home and portrays the fact that although they are physically there, they mentally are not by the constant use of word absent, I read to their presences, their absences. St Davids Day by Gillian Clarke illustrates the theme of identity through the use of including people in a mental institution, as they have no identity. Yet after forty years a mans identity breaks through. I believe that this poem is trying to communicate the fact that everyone has an identity; no matter how masked it is from the rest of the world, and by the use of describing them with flowers that cannot speak (which have inner beauty, she is saying that everyone has some kind of identity and beauty. Emotion plays an important part in the poem humor, misery and shock are shown to us and this makes the poems more realistic. Ultimately I feel the reason this is a very effective poem is that the use of daffodils and Wordsworth is subtle but carries a significant meaning that is backed up by the tone of the rest of the poem. I find that the poem is truly touching and although the main message of the poem is quite discrete, the way that it is portrayed makes it seem that you, the reader are really experiencing the miracle.

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Americans Benefit from the Abuse of Migrant Farm Workers :: Essays Papers

Eating-up Exploitation: How Americans Benefit from the Abuse of Migrant Farm Workers As Americans become more health conscious, their consumption of fruits and vegetables is increased at astronomical levels. Since migrant farm workers are responsible for picking the majority of these products, the eating habits of Americans perpetuate the very farm labor market conditions that many people would like to put an end to. Therefore, whether knowingly or not, Americans are exploiting these Migrant workers who are paid less then minimum wage, have no power to bargain with their employers, and have inadequate and unacceptable living accommodations. In New England, the harvest of blueberries and apples are crucial to the economy, and are in abundant supply. Those who pick these fruits travel across the country, and often across international boarders to fill agricultural jobs that U.S. citizens are not willing to take. Both blueberries and apples are extremely difficult crops to harvest, and require extensive manual labor. Migrant workers are willing to fill these physically exhausting positions because of economic hardships, and the lack of jobs in their own countries. The phenomena of Migrant Workers would not be possible if the migrants were able to get jobs elsewhere, but as many come from Third-World Countries with little economic possibilities, this is not possible. What has resulted is an inexhaustible supply of cheap labor to the United States. This willingness on the part of the workers to work for wages otherwise unacceptable in the United States is problematic. Employers in this position are not under any pressure to reveal truthful, or even any information about wage rates, and many workers do not ask how much they will be paid. As a result, workers often do not know how much they will paid until they are thousands of miles away from their homes, and frequently not until they are paid at the end of a week. This is the story for the Mexican blueberry pickers in Maine, and the growing number of apple pickers who are Jamaican. Mexicans are the majority of blueberry pickers in central Maine where the majority of wild lowbush blueberry plants grow.

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Developing nursing standards of practice Essay

These are the process for the developing nursing standards of practice Standard 1: Assessment: The registered nurse collects comprehensive data about patient’s health. Standard 2: Diagnoses: The registered nurses analyze the assessment data to determine the diagnoses or the issues. Standard 3: Outcome identification: The registered nurse identifies the expected outcomes for the patient’s plan of care. Standard 4: Planning: The registered nurse develops the plan that authorizes strategies and a way to obtain the outcomes. Standard 5: Implementation: The registered nurse implements the identified plan. Standard 5A: Coordination of care: The registered nurse coordinates care delivery. Standard 5C: Consultation: The registered nurse provide consultation to control the identified plan and effect change. Standard 5D: Prescriptive authority and power: The registered nurse uses rigid authority, procedures, treatments, and therapy in accordance with state an federal laws and regulations. Standard 6: Evaluation: The registered nurse evaluates progress towards fulfillment of outcomes. Different entities that might be involved in developing the standard practice. American Nurses Association members are the first link in developing sources (American Nurses Association, 2014). The Department of Health Scope of Practice might be involved in the development of standards (â€Å"Scope of Practice,† 2014). State boards of nursing develop standards of  care at the state level and enforce those standards. The American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) work on the national level. Professional specialty nursing organizations, Educational institution, state boards of nursing and other government agencies develop standards of care. The American nurses Association and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JACHO) recognized standards of care. Federal and state laws, rules and regulation and other professional agencies/organizations help define standards of practice. The ANA and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) established nationally recognized standards of care. References American Nurses Association: Professional Standards (2014). Retrieved from http://nursingworld.ord/nursingstandards Scope of practice decision tree (2011). Retrieved from

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Comparing John Stuart Mills The Subjection of Women and...

Comparing John Stuart Mills The Subjection of Women and Florence Nightingales Cassandra For thousands of years, women have struggled under the domination of men. In a great many societies around the world, men hold the power and women have to fight for their roles as equals in these patriarchal societies. Florence Nightingale wrote about such a society in her piece, Cassandra, and John Stuart Mill wrote further on the subject in his essay The Subjection of Women. These two pieces explore the same basic idea, but there are differences as well. While they both recognize its presence, Mill blames the subjection of women on custom, and Nightingale blames it on society. These appear to be different arguments, but they may be more†¦show more content†¦He feels that because women have been in this position for so many years, it would feel irregular to deviate from it. â€Å"The subjection of women to men being a universal custom, any departure from it quite naturally appears unnatural† (Mill 1157). As he continues, he reveals his thoughts on the matter t o the reader: â€Å"this relic of the past is discordant with the future, and must necessarily disappear† (Mill 1159). Mill explores many aspects of the issue. He attempts to uncover the differences between the sexes to provide maybe another solution to the problem, but to no avail, â€Å"nothing final can be known† (Mill 1162); nothing is as strongly stated as when he places the blame on custom. Later in his essay, while exploring the systems of past societies, he comes to the same conclusion as earlier. Only this time, he states that there has been some improvement in the system as time went by; however, equality has not yet been reached. He believes that the small increase in power over time is enough to suggest that equality is the solution: â€Å"Through all†¦human history, the condition of women has been approaching nearer to equality with men. This does not itself prove that the assimilation must go on to complete equality; but it assuredly affords s ome presumption that such is the case† (Mill 1160). This quote is yet another contribution to the blame of custom. In the past, societies lacked equality