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Sean O’Sullivans Critical Reflection Attempt Essay Example for Free

Sean O’Sullivans Critical Reflection Attempt Essay Critical reflective writing explores various personal experiences by analyzing the social, political and cultural context that theyre written in. They enable writers to understand their values and biases. Through a comparative study of texts I can critically analyze the mode, genre, register, structure, audience and context. The texts â€Å"Transmutations Scientist (A revolutionary bio-engineering socio-scientific role)† and â€Å"The Parrot and the Pot Bellied Pig† are two texts I have chosen to reflect on. Due to the difference in genre both of these familiar texts are excellent examples of new age pieces of writing in the English genre. In addition I have also incorporated my text â€Å"Rapunzel Shaves for Leukaemia† to express similar textual similarities and to further show my development in professional writing. Through the idea of the satirical and narrative genre incarnate, composers can introduce responders to a hyperbolized understanding of a number of themes through a comedic nature. â€Å"The Parrot and the Potbellied Pig† is a satirical, fictitious short story that is one of many from the novel â€Å"Squirrel seeks chipmunk† by author David Sedaris. Sedaris being a successful comedian and radio contributor had an intention to write to a well-educated audience who appreciates  humorous anecdotes and the absurd idea of animals in strange adult situations. Through Sedaris’ use of Animal characterization he opens up a range of ideas and themes that cannot simple be done if actual humans were to be used. Through this technique characters are decontextualized and stereotypes associated with these characters are highlighted. Sedaris’ (2010) â€Å"What really drives me is the money. That, and the free booze. † (p. 119) quote suggests the Parrot is a stereotypical alcoholic journalist, but through the metaphorical use of the ‘Parrot symbol’ rather than an actual human, the idea is suppressed and viewed as a humorous form of literature rather than a personal attack on ones profession. Author Sedaris also attempts to incorporate a range of issues into his fable. Media sensationalism and racism are two main themes expressed in the text, through the clever characterization and situation of the story; these issues are brought into the light through a different angle of genre. The author displays the characters such as the Parrot and the Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig to mimic the personalities of authentic real world individuals. â€Å"I see the,† the parrot said, and she scratched the word â€Å"self hating in her note pad†. (Sedaris, 2010, p. 121. ) Is an example of media sensationalism expressed through the Parrot as she interprets the Pigs retort to her question falsely and with a great deal of bias. In addition the theme of racism is clearly presented through the Pig, â€Å"He had been plump all through his youth, and the years of name-calling had not just shaped his adult life but deformed it† (Sedaris, 2010, p. 123. ) although this at first glance may seem like an issue of body image, I believe it includes racial connotations, suggesting the racism of the Americans towards the Vietnamese since the days of the Vietnam War. In saying this Sedaris was able to get away this idea due to the animal characterization of the protagonists. In conclusion the writers use of hyperbole accentuates the overall theme of the text â€Å"Pot Bellied Pig† being the obvious example extends an idea to the audience, thus making the text a form of entertainment through its satirical nature. Through the use of specific language features and humorous connotations the text â€Å"Transmutations Scientist† mirrors â€Å"The Parrot and the Potbellied Pig† although each text is a different genre. This text is perceived as an advertisement although it is of a fictitious nature. Through this genre hybrid from job advertisement an individual can really see a complex thought process the author has used to create such a text. The ‘Transmutations Scientist’ uses more formal language appropriate to the genre of an advertisement. This formal language is further emphasised through the use of scientific jargon used in the piece; â€Å"mutation†, â€Å"micromanipulation† and â€Å"conditioning† are example of this type of jargon used by the author. Although the jargon demonstrates a complex register for this composition, the actual purpose is to entertain audiences in a similar way â€Å"The Parrot and the Potbellied Pig† does. Thus, using the language feature of ‘jargon’ the audience is eligible to manifest in the comedic nature of the text. Similarly in â€Å"The Parrot and the Potbellied Pig† each text are presented as satirical compositions. In addition both texts are intended for a well-educated audience who appreciate a type of humour where they would have to think critically in order to understand the authors motives. In conclusion the text â€Å"Transmutations Scientist† parallels similar language features to the first text â€Å"The Parrot and the Potbellied Pig† through this audiences are given a greater understanding of the composers motives and incentives. Through critically analyse a particular text, another creative piece can ascend into a different genre. My text â€Å"Rapunzel Shaves for Leukaemia† demonstrates a form that has similarities to â€Å"Transmutations Scientist†; each text has a fairy tale register that has been appropriated into another genre form. â€Å"Popular supermodel Rapunzel partook in the ‘Worlds Greatest Shave’ movement to raise money for the Leukaemia foundation of Far Far Away. â€Å" (Appendix 7. ) As shown in this quote, it is clear I have made a clear transition between a fairy tale and a factual real world event. In addition, I have  LEGITIMATE FACTS INTO MY TEXT â€Å"EACH DAY AN AVERAGE OF 30 INDIVIDUALS WILL BE GIVEN THE DEVASTATING NEWS THAT THEY HAVE LEUKAEMIA, LYMPHOMA, MYELOMA OR A RELATED BLOOD DISORDER† (APPENDIX 7. ) THROUGH THE USE OF THIS TECHNIQUE, I CAN INFORM READERS OF THE IMPORTANCE OF A SOCIAL ISSUE AS WELL AS ENTERTAINING THROUGH THE USE OF HUMOR. ALTHOUGH THIS IMAGINATIVE PIECE OF WRITING ISN’T as reliable a the others as it was written at my own hand It still possessed a number of credible language features allowing the piece to convey its primary message, to entertain. A text can explore many different ideas and themes, thus creating it to  be a credible piece of writing. ‘The Parrot and the Potbellied Pig’ demonstrates extreme satirical view on social issues, whilst entertaining responders. ‘The Transmutations Scientist’ incorporates language features such as jargon and mixes with fairytale connotations to create an effective advert to humour audiences. In conclusion my text ‘Rapunzel Shaves for Leukaemia’ doesn’t include the structural stronghold of credible texts it shows that the transformation of a text can lead to more possibilities of genre. Each text encompasses a wide range of aspects that can be compared and contrasted in order to  transform a composition into a credible and purposeful piece of work. APA Reference List: O’Sullivan, S. (2014). Rapunzel Shaves for Leukaemia. Appendix 7. Sedaris, D. and Falconer, I. (2010). Squirrel seeks chipmunk. 1st Ed. New York: Little, Brown and Co. , pp. 118-129 Transmutations Scientist A revolutionary bioengineering socio-scientific role. (1982). New Scientist, p. 882. Appendices 1. Freedom What is Freedom? Freedom is being able to drive whatever vehicle down to the local grocery store and buy 100 cans of coke. Freedom is being able to sail your fathers’ yacht around the Greek Islands to share  a summer romance with your lover. Freedom can be voiced through a rage of mediums, such as travelling across the world to meet infamous Cuban Dictator, Fidel Castro and bask in his Fidelity. Freedom to me is showing my warmest feelings to anyone willing to listen, and share and retort, back to me. Today my com111 Tutor didn’t want to teach me how to incorporate the word beguile into a sentence. But I guess it was her choice, which is a definition of freedom. To the ancient Mayan’s, the Flamingo represents hope and freedom in their community, so the concept of freedom dates back to early history. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise; I think I’m going to love this class. 2. Impressions of Wiradjuri Country Wiradjuri country is a vast beautiful land that people like me doesn’t get to explore everyday. I remember the first time I entered these parts, not knowing the wonders this land could offer a person like me. Gazing out the front window of the car, the blue haze of the magnificent Great Dividing Range took my breath away. As I passed through the thick forest down into the valley of this land, I stuck my head out the window so I could take in the sweet scent of the eucalyptus gum. 3. Playground. The Playground located on the corner of Brilliant and George St Bathurst was vandalised yet again by local University Students. Approximately 2am on Wednesday the 14th of March three University students were reported causing a ruckus and lighting fire to the swings in the playground. Although the Brilliant St playground is predominantly desolate and overrun with dead leaves, it still is an important part of the community. A local elderly man heard laughter from the park, whilst in his house that night working on his paperclip collection. So he called the authorities. â€Å"I wish the community will do  something to fix this nonsense† he quoted today. The park will still be open tomorrow despite this incident. So bring the family down the weather is going to be delightful. 4. The last time I saw my†¦ Never before have I seen something so incredibly cute, sexy and beautiful incarnate. She gazed into my very soul from the other side of the glass. I had never believed in love at first sight but this truly was. Instantly I knew I would want to spend the next 10 minutes with her. I picked her up, twirled her around and was about to taste her sweet lips, until she was abruptly taken away from me. I thought I was the  only one who would ever have her. I hate Seagulls. That was the last time I saw my sandwich. 5. George Brandis Attorney General Senator splits public opinion! Attorney General George Brandis quoted in Federal Parliament recently â€Å"People do have a right to be bigots†. Many are saying the senator is a racist pig, whilst others agree with the senators’ statement. â€Å"Senator Brandis has the right to make a case for the privilege of speaking freely† said one citizen agreeing with the Attorney General. The question is. Does Brandis have the right to influence the public opinion and condone such behaviour? Today the majority of the public  understand that the suppression of race hate laws are beneficial for the Australian Public. 6. Barbie’s Eulogy To our dearly departed, Barbie Although she was made of plastic and her boobies were fake. She held a place in all of our hearts. She was a role model to all the young women out there and some men. She always lived life to the full, whether it was lounging around in her dollhouse or being attacked by the family dog, she always did it with a smile on her face. Unfortunately Barbie was abruptly taken away from us, when the boys and I were a tad bored so we sprayed her perfect, slender body with lynx and ignited her with Damos’ lighter. My condolences to my grieving sister and Barbies newly widowed husband Ken. May her legacy live on. Rest in Peace Barbie. 7. Rapunzel Shaves for Leukaemia Blonde beauty shaves for cancer Yesterday, popular supermodel Rapunzel partook in the ‘Worlds Greatest Shave’ movement to raise money for the Leukaemia FOUNDATION OF FAR FAR AWAY. EACH DAY AN AVERAGE OF 30 INDIVIDUALS WILL BE GIVEN THE DEVASTATING NEWS THAT THEY HAVE LEUKAEMIA, LYMPHOMA, MYELOMA OR A RELATED BLOOD DISORDER. OVER 50,000 PEOPLE JOINED RAPUNZEL IN THIS MOVEMENT RAISING AN AVERAGE OF 8. 4 MILLION DOLLARS THIS YEAR ALONE. AFTER GOING THROUGH 40 ELECTRIC RAZORS  AND A HAIRCUT LASTING 12 HOURS EVENTUALLY THE 15 PEOPLE TEAM FINALLY REMOVED RAPUNZEL’S OVERWHELMING 20 METRES OF HAIR. 8. BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN APPROPRIATION IF EVERYONE WERE A MIDGET IN THE LAND OF NO SIX FOOTERS YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO JUMP YOU CAN SEE OVER EVERY COUNTER AND NEVER LOOK LIKE A CHUMP 9. Powerful Images ‘Two cultures, one beach’ What a cruel male dominated culture I thought to myself, everything covered but her eyes. How could these poor women deal with this type of oppression? I can’t imagine living in a world where you couldn’t express yourself and be the women you wanted to be. Never be able to  wear designer labels or show off how your new belly button ring you got last weekend. If my husband saw me dressing like that he would kill me. What a cruel male dominated culture I thought to myself, everything exposed for the world to see, except the tiny bit of fabric covering her privates. How could these women live in a world where any male could gawk and gaze upon any women they wished like they were a piece of steak. And look at that Coco Chanel bikini she has on, does she not have any respect. If my husband caught me dressing like that he would kill me. 10. Powerful Images Journal Article ‘The Burqa† (Non-Fiction) When you see a woman wearing a Burqa, what is your first impression of her? Do you have an ethnocentric view that forces you to believe that because of her religion, she has no free will? Is her headscarf an indicator that she is involved in terrorist activities? Or do you assume that she is suffering from the inequalities of a male dominated religion? Since 9/11, there have been many misconceptions about Muslims and Islam. The media has failed at accurately portraying the Islamic religion and way of life. Islam is presented as a barbaric, vile, and oppressive religion. Furthermore, due to crude generalizations, Muslim women who  wear Burqa are stigmatized as subdued and in need of liberation. The Burqa is viewed as a restriction to a Muslim woman’s freedom to express her views and opinions, freedom to education, and freedom to drive. For a vast majority of Muslim women, this is the furthest thing from the truth. The Burqa does not symbolize oppression or suppression. To contrary beliefs, the Burqa is not worn only to keep the illicit desires of men in check. The Burqa is not simply a scarf or a head covering. Wearing the Burqa is a symbol of modesty and dedication. It is an outer manifestation of an inner commitment.

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