Monday, October 21, 2019

As Good as It Gets Movie Reflection essays

As Good as It Gets Movie Reflection essays As Good as It Gets was a great movie when it comes to showing how relationships develop. In the movie Jack Nicholson is a mean old man that does not like anyone but finds the need to start having someone in his life after he watches his neighbors dog. The woman that he starts wanting to have more and more in his life is Helen Hunts character. The movie is a great way to see how unique relationships are and how they develop. In the movie there are three relationships that develop, all of which involve Jack Nicholsons character. The first relationship that develops is between Nicholson and his neighbors dog. The relationship really got the whole needing someone feeling rolling in Nicholsons life. The second relationship that developed was with Helen Hunts character, the waitress. Because of Nicholsons OCD he went to her restaurant every morning to eat breakfast. He started to relative he likes her more then just his waitress and they start to develop their relationship more and more after Nicholson paid for her son to see a specialist for his medical condition. The third relationship that developed was with his neighbor, Simon. In the beginning Nicholson hated his neighbor because he was a homosexual and an artist. As the movie progressed their relationship developed more and more to where eventually Nicholson let Simon move into his apartment because he got evicted from his own. Out of the relationships listed the two relationships that develop in totally different ways would have to be between Nicholson/Hunt and Nicholson/Simon. The Nicholson/Hunt relationship was there ever since he went to her restaurant, it just was not a serious one. The relationship between Nicholson/Simon grew out of nothing into pretty good friends. So the Nicholson/Hunt relationship grew from a one sided relationship and the Nicholson/Simon relationship grew from hatred to friendship. ...

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