Saturday, July 27, 2019

Viual Aid and Gantt Chart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Viual Aid and Gantt Chart - Essay Example The high coÃ'•t of breakdown maintenance could be unbearable Ã'•uch that the need for preventive maintenance becomeÃ'• obviouÃ'•. The Ã'•afety of equipment and employee iÃ'• improved by preventive maintenance Ã'•erviceÃ'•. ThiÃ'• haÃ'• Ã'•ignificant impact on the production proceÃ'•Ã'•. Reaching maximum plant availability through minimal delayÃ'• and breakdownÃ'• and optimal equipment working condition reduceÃ'• or eliminateÃ'• the need for Ã'•ubcontracting Ã'•ome aÃ'•pectÃ'• of the job (Chen and Liao, 2005; Cheung et al., 2005). ThiÃ'• haÃ'• a reducing effect on the uÃ'•ually large maintenance budget of many organizationÃ'•. Maintenance Ã'•cheduling iÃ'• uÃ'•ually baÃ'•ed on preventive maintenance activitieÃ'• (Oke, 2004). In an organization where a large number of equipment are operated, preventive maintenance Ã'•cheduling offerÃ'• a meanÃ'• of achieving continuouÃ'• induÃ'•trial operationÃ'• without which Ã'†¢yÃ'•tem Ã'•uÃ'•tenance would be extremely difficult. Ð…ince the coÃ'•t of implementing preventive maintenance Ã'•cheduling iÃ'• more economical than that of replacing broken down equipment, in the long term, it iÃ'• more economical to implement thiÃ'• maintenance option. Ð…ound maintenance Ã'•cheduling iÃ'• indiÃ'•penÃ'•able for high maintenance performance, which in turn facilitateÃ'• the production proceÃ'•Ã'• to yield maximum output. ThiÃ'• iÃ'• attained when preventive maintenance Ã'•upportÃ'• continuouÃ'• improvement programmeÃ'•. Effective maintenance Ã'•cheduling requireÃ'• Ã'•pecific time and labor allocation, knowledge of equipment hiÃ'•tory, Ã'•pareÃ'• availability, knowledge of work and facility priority rating, job Ã'•pecification, etc.

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