Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Human Services Theory Design and Specification Essay

Human Services Theory Design and Specification - Essay Example The cosmopolitan structure of today’s society has also put great pressure on society and specially the young minds who are bombarded with a plethora of pressures through media, family circumstances and multifarious social patterns prevalent in the society. No wonder that their young minds fail to cope up with this enormous pressure and the modern medical fraternity looks at shortcuts to solve the problem at one go. My design to overcome this problem will be to create an environment and facility for such children where they are brought in contact with nature and protect them completely from the diversions and pressures brought on by the onslaught of technology. Such facilities can be developed in form of institutions which are ideally located in rural areas which abound with natural beauty and balance. The children need to be reared as young saplings and education needs to be delivered by imbibition rather than by forcing a prescribed curriculum on them. The facility needs the capability to house, feed and nurture the children in a non polluted and healthy environment. The major problem with today’s parenting is the preoccupation of both in their own jobs and responsibilities with the child left at the mercy of either baby sitters or nursery schools and crà ¨ches where they are left at the mercy of mechanical employees. Children are exposed to too much television which keeps them hypnot ized to a screen. No wonder they are found wanting in learning the simplest of skills which the children in the pre TV era did automatically. Increased artificial mobility in cars and other means of transportation has made them forget walking and running. This leads to the piling up of certain neurotransmitters in the brain which otherwise would have been harmonized and balanced due to physical activity. The facility I envisage in the form of special

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